Correspondence projects for the win!

First there was Darwin. Then John Tyndall and Alfred Russel Wallace. Now Joseph Dalton Hooker joins the group. What say you, Thomas Henry Huxley?

Also, there are plans for a project to transcribe and publish the correspondence of Charles Kingsley.

4 thoughts on “Correspondence projects for the win!

  1. Yes, the connection with the great author,Kingsley, is very interesting. I love the quote from the WATER BABIES; “A great man of science … knows everything about everything, except why a hen’s egg does not turn into a crocodile and two or three other little things.” — Charles Kingsley. I wander was this a poke at Darwin for maybe going too far with what could actually be explained about the natural world, i.e. we still don’t understand how the eggs got here in the first place – which came first the chicken or the egg? see for more on Darwinian evolution and how it looks in the 21st century. Maria Brigit

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