Museums and Other Institutions of Natural History: Past, Present, and Future

A supplemental issue of the Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences in 2004 looked at natural history museums:

LEVITON, ALAN EDWARD, and MICHELE L. ALDRICH. 2004. Introduction to the symposium and volume.

KOHLSTEDT, SALLY GREGORY, and PAUL BRINKMAN. 2004. Framing nature: The formative years of natural history museum development in the United States.

HENSON, PAMELA M. 2004. A national science and a national museum.

ERTTER, BARBARA. 2004. The flowering of natural history institutions in California.

SHELL, HANNA ROSE. 2004. Skin deep: Taxidery, embodiment, and extinction in W.T. Hornaday’s buffalo group.

YOCHELSON, ELLIS L. 2004. More than 150 years of administrative ups and downs for natural history in Washington. Smithsonian Institution, United States National Museum, National Museum of Natural History.

DUTRO JR., JOHN THOMAS. 2004. A national research laboratory in the late 20th century: U.S. Geological Survey’s Paleontology and Stratigraphy Branch as a case study.

RAINGER, RONALD. 2004. Oceanography and fieldwork: Geopolitics and research at The Scripps Institution.

LIPPS, JERE H. 2004. Success storey: The history and development of the Museum of Paleontology at the University of California, Berkeley.

FARNUM, JOHN. 2004. In search of relevance: The museum of the twenty-first century.

ALLMON, WARREN D. 2004. Opening a new natural history museum in twenty-first century America: A case study in historic perspective..

RAVEN, PETER. 2004. Botanical gardens and the 21st century.

SAMPSON, SCOTT D., and Sarah B. George. 2004. Inventing a natural history museum for the 21st century.

KAVANAUGH, DAVID H. 2004. Planning for research in the 21st century at a large natural history museum.

KOCIOLEK, JOHN PATRICK. 2004. The California Academy of Sciences: 150 years young with a vision for the future.

GOSLINER, TERRENCE M. 2004. Epilogue.

All the articles can be downloaded individually here, or one PDF for the entire issue here. I previously posted about another contribution from CAS: Occasional Paper #155. Darwin: A Reader’s Guide, which can be downloaded as a PDF here.

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