Darwin & evolution books from Greenwood

Randy Moore, biologist and science educator, has published before on evolution and creationism (Evolution in the Courtroom: A Reference Guide), and he has some more recent edited books and a forthcoming title:

More Than Darwin: The People and Places of the Evolution-Creationism Controversy (published 2008, paperback in 2009):

Since the middle of the 19th century, debates over evolution have occurred almost non-stop. From the publication of Charles Darwin’sOrigin of Species to the recent Kitzmiller v. Dover trial, there has rarely been a time in which scientists, educators, theologians, politicians, and judges have not been involved in these debates. How can anyone keep all of these individuals straight without a scorecard? More than Darwin: An Encyclopedia of the People and Places of the Evolution-Creationism Controversy is that resource, providing accessible and balanced synopses of every major person, organization, and place involved in the long history of the evolution-creationism controversies.

Chronology of the Evolution-Creationism Controversy (published 2009):

With hundreds of entries, Chronology of the Evolution-Creationism Controversy describes specific cultural, religious, and scientific events relevant to the evolution-creationism controversy from the first notions of creationism in ancient Egypt to the present. Within this historical approach, it identifies a number of recurring themes that have shaped the debate through the ages, including famous court cases, the recurrence of the “intelligent design” argument, disagreements over the age of the Earth, and the impact of technological advances on both the scientific and faith-based viewpoints. While approaching the subject globally throughout, the book’s second half focuses on tensions between science and religious thought in the United States since the early 1900s.

Arguing for Evolution: An Encyclopedia for Understanding Science (forthcoming July 2010):

(no description yet)

The publisher of these books has put out other evolution/creationism titles, and will publish Darwin as Symbol by historian of science William Kimler (who I met in Phoenix last November) this August. Kimler says on his faculty page: “I am currently completing a book on how Charles Darwin has been used as a symbol of science and the idea of evolution.”

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