ISHPSSB 2007 Meeting

International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology 2007 Meeting
University of Exeter
Wednesday 25th – Sunday 29th July 2007
Preliminary Full Programme

papers/presentations of interest:

Popper’s dance with Darwin
Michael Bradie

Intimations of natural selection: Patrick Matthew and Charles Darwin’s notebooks
Daniel Becquemont

‘Darwin’s delay’: another historiographical myth?
John van Wyhe

Darwinian populations and transitions in individuality
Peter Godfrey Smith

Leon Croizat: A radical biogeographer
David Hull

Private letters, public discourse: The botanical correspondence of Mary Treat and Charles Darwin
Dawn Sanders

What did Darwin do to teleology?
Arno Wouters

Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation in America: a quick response in the years 1844-1847
Albert Peacock

C. Darwin and J. D. Hooker: a controversy between friends
Anna Carolina Regner

Alfred R. Wallace and his vision of anthropology and evolution
Juan Manuel RodrÌguez Caso, Rosaura Ruiz GutiÈrrez

Alfred Russel Wallace’s claims regarding spiritualism
Juliana Ferreira, Roberto Martins

Darwinism and the ever changing definitions of the ‘inheritance of acquired characteristics’
Fern Elsdon Baker

Natural selection and the problem of reduction in life sciences
Bartlomiej Swiatczak

What is “natural” in natural selection?
Abhijeet Bardapurkar

Extinction in German Natural History, 1790-1830
Thomas Burnett

The Cambridge school of animal morphology, 1882-1910
Helen Blackman

‘Skandalon’: Haeckel’s pictures of embryos in the struggle of world views
Nick Hopwood

Dewey’s Darwinism and the Baldwin effect
David Depew

From the principles of psychology to dynamic systems: the influence of Darwin on James, Dewey, and cognitive neurobiology
Tibor Solymosi

What does a pragmatist genetics look like? Herbert Spencer Jennings and the politics of evolution and heredity
Judy Johns Schloegel

Gospel of Greed: Peirce’s misreading of Darwin
Mark Tschaepe

Is the tree of life metaphor really necessary?
Erica Torrens, Ana Barahona

Rhetoric in Stephen Jay Gould’s work
Vladimir Cachon

Spontaneous generations, beginning of life and history of life in Lamarck’s theory
Stéphane Tirard

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