VIDEO: Dawkins discussion with Wendy Wright

Another great excuse to use the Darwin facepalm gif:


4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Dawkins discussion with Wendy Wright

  1. I feel sorry for poor Mr. Darwin. What would he think about all of this? Charles wasn’t even as certain about his theory as Mr. Dawkins is. Darwin was willing to be proved wrong… But I would agree with Mr. Dawkins on one point: i.e. not wanting to live in a Darwinian world, Darwin, I believe would be horrified at how his theory has been exploited as a philosophy.. Let me remind Mr. Dawkins that evolution is not the problem – most of us know it happened – Dah! Although I’m not a creationist, I’m a scientist and researcher – there are many, many problems with the very particular Darwinian mechanisms for evolution. Even the most modern Darwinian synthesis is coming under increasing pressure from wonderful new science – epigenetics, natural genetic engineering vs. natural selection, transposible elements, horizontal gene transfer, hybridization between ancient lineages of complex animals, including mammals, etc, etc, etc…

    When we dig really deep, you begin to see that she (the creationist in this video) is right about the lack of transitional fossils and the fact that no amount of experimentation has ever demonstrated macro evolution (a change from one species/family/domains of organisms to another). The new insights into epigenetic factors etc are some of the complex mechanisms that are in the running for explaining (trans-generational inheritance) how evolution may have occurred and it is far more complex and intriguing than anyone could ever have imagined. Mobile (genetic/genomic) elements have played a major role in evolution & NATURAL GENETIC ENGINEERING is offered as an alternative to natural selection as the driver of macro-evolutionary change according to Shapiro (See ‘A view from the 21st century, where peer reviewed molecular biological studies are presented in abundance).

    This leads us to: the argument that Dawkins puts forward for shared DNA (chimps are closest to humans etc). He is talking about the minuscule 2% of DNA that codes for proteins and it is 98% of this tiny 2% that we share with chimps. So, the same goes for bananas. In other words, as I ask in my blog ‘If we share half our genes (the coding ones) with bananas, does that make us half bananas?
    As for the religious questions – well, why don’t we keep religion out of science – that goes for you too Mr. Dawkins……All in all, this is a very civil discussion throughout this video and I believe well worth a watch. As they both say:.RESPECT! Let’s keep talking and examining the facts.

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