Give up historians, because “we don’t actually know” anything about the past…

Thought I’d share this Twitter exchange from this evening, and it’s a great excuse to use the Darwin facepalm gif.

Twitter   angel_gordon  @darwinsbulldog well honestly ...2


7 thoughts on “Give up historians, because “we don’t actually know” anything about the past…

  1. I thought he converted to Lamarckism on his deathbed. Or Wallacism. Or Asatru. Can anybody really be sure? Don’t harsh her mellow, Michael. If it makes her feel good, it’s truthiness to the core, and that’s all that matters. We should all be free to think with our guts.

  2. Good job on setting her straight. Those old lies get downright aggravating after a while.

    …and lol at her reply. Indignant? *check Unwillingness to admit possibility of being wrong? *check
    Apparent end of discussion, and zero interest in learning anything that might go against beliefs… *check We have a standard issue creationist.

  3. I saw another tweet of hers showing that she is currently in a biology class. Oh dear.

  4. One can go to Darwin’s correspondence (he wrote almost up to his day of passage) and see that he was anything but a creationist. In his last six months he received a letter from one throwing out Pascal’s Dilemma at him and he scathingly rebutted that letter. He wrote often of evolution and of smaller scale hypotheses that were totally within the framework of evolution and natural selection.

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