Who can translate German?

This card was up on eBay recently. Wish I had the extra money to bid on these sorts of things. Can someone translate it?

7 thoughts on “Who can translate German?

  1. “This Darwin learning is not bad,
    With you he was surely right.
    Congratulations (for the) New Year!”

    Perhaps someone could refine and make it rhyme…

  2. Your friend is correct . I will email it to a friend to further translate or you can go to a translation site for help.

  3. Some comments on the translation:

    ‘Des Darwins Lehre’ is a genitive and so Darwin’s is correct. ‘Lehre’ had several different meanings in German but in this context doctrine is probably the best translation. The rest of the first line is simply one to one.

    ‘Bei dir’ is an apparently simple expression but actually incredibly difficult to translate into English. A correct translation in this context would be ‘with reference to you’.German ‘hat recht’ is ‘is right’ in English. ‘Prosit’ is literally ‘cheers’ in English but as used here could probably best be expressed with ‘raise your glasses to the New Year.’

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