The latest Giant’s Shoulders is out…

Via The Giant’s Shoulders (or as @beckyfh has asked, should it be ” Giants’ “? –

Morning Coffee Physics has found a new source of caffeine and on his bright shinny new revivified blog he has posted The Giants’ Shoulders #31. For a dose of the best history of science from the last month make yourself a mug of the finest Arabica sit back in your most comfortable chair and cruise through the intertubes with your host Morning Coffee Physics.

Host for The Giants’ Shoulders #32 is on 16th February is still to be announced, submission as usually by 15th February. If you wish to host GS contact Thony C at the Renaissance Mathematicus or Dr SkySkull at Skulls in the Stars.

Update by Dr. SkySkull: I’ll be hosting the 32nd edition, as I’m due again, but we still desperately need more.  We’re happy to have folks who have hosted before do so again, so please let us know.

2 thoughts on “The latest Giant’s Shoulders is out…

  1. Via The Giant’s Shoulders (or as @beckyfh has asked, should it be ” Giants’ “?

    Nobody seems to notice but I always write Giants’. As the name of the carnival is based on the Newton quote which is “standing on the shoulders of giants”then it must be The Giants’ Shoulders.

  2. Good point… I told Greg and Becky on Twitter that I think it should be Giants’

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