New HoS Blogs: Whewell’s Ghost & Reading History of Science

I’ve been adding new blogs and twitter accounts to my big list of history of science blogs, and I am happy to have just added Whewell’s Ghost:

This is a group blog for collecting blog posts on the history and philosophy of science, and for posting new ones too. It is named after William Whewell (pronounced “hew-ell”), whose works History of the Inductive Sciences and Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences in the mid 19th century set off both the proper and separate history of science, and the philosophy of science, respectively. It’s no accident that Whewell coined the term “scientist”. It was said of him that he had read a great many prefaces, which is a bit unfair as scientists tended to lay out their philosophy in the prefaces to their technical books.

We aim to collect as many authors who write decent and accurate history and philosophy of science as we can. So if you are inclined to post something either on your own blog or are looking for a place to do so, please contact John Lynch or John Wilkins to be added, and let us raise Whewell’s Ghost.

Mentioned in a post by @Rebekah Higgitt is her new annex blog, Reading the History of Science, spawned by her interest in popular books about the history of science:

I few days ago, I sent a question out on Twitter: ”Could you send me e.g.s of GOOD popular history of science, any format? Ones that wd please academic historians & general readers #histsci” and went on to explain that the ”Reason for request is I’m realising how easy it is to criticise bad #histsci but how hard to point to good stuff aimed at wide audience”.

Glad to see more blogging about the history of science!

2 thoughts on “New HoS Blogs: Whewell’s Ghost & Reading History of Science

  1. You, too, can double post, or post the introduction to your blog entries here… all you have to do is ask, and give the Sekrit Handshake.

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