Darwin as bearded-angel?

A bearded angel (by Flickr user Wider_World)

A bearded angel (by Flickr user Wider_World)

The person who took this picture of a gravestone in Edinburgh, Scotland, wrote that the bearded-angel on the right (was he holding a now broken-off skull?)  looks “bizarrely like Charles Darwin.”

Well, Darwin did go to the University of Edinburgh from 1825 to 1827. What do you think? Here’s a close-up:

Angelic Darwin?

Angelic Darwin?

UPDATE: From the photographer: “This tomb was set up many years before Charles Darwin was a student in Edinburgh; the graveyard is a short walk from the University and, as I found yesterday, a good place to observe wildlife, so Darwin may well have seen the bearded angel himself. Who knows, perhaps it inspired Darwin in later life to grow a full beard!”

On a related note, there’s a new book out that “wholly concentrates on [Darwin’s] time spent in Scotland and the key contributions to his future insights made by the Scottish Enlightenment and the University of Edinburgh.” It’s titled Darwin in Scotland: Edinburgh, Evolution and Enlightenment, by J.F. Derry.

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