PODCASTS: Alfred Russel Wallace lectures from AMNH and Royal Society

The American Museum of Natural History has put up the audio from David Attenborough’s talk, “Alfred Russel Wallace and the Birds of Paradise,” on November 12 here.

David Attenborough

David Attenborough unveiling the statue of Alfred Wallace at the Natural History Museum London, photo by “Greta dark”

The Royal Society has also put up audio from several lectures given at a conference on October 21-22, “Alfred Russel Wallace and his legacy” (each link is direct to an mp3):

Dr George Beccaloni, Natural History Museum, UK
Wallace’s life

Dr John van Wyhe, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Wallace and Darwin: what really happened?

Professor Janet Browne, Harvard University, USA
Natural selection a la Wallace

Professor Steve Jones FRS, University College London, UK
Wallace and the Limits to Natural Selection

Professor Charles H. Smith, Western Kentucky University, USA
Early Humboldtian Influences on Alfred Russel Wallace’s Scheme of Nature

Professor Lynne Parenti, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, USA
The Modern Biogeographical Legacy of Alfred Russel Wallace

Professor R.I. Vane-Wright, Natural History Musuem, UK
Wallace and Colouration

Professor Tim Caro, University of California, Davis, USA
Colouration today

Professor James Mallet, University College London and Harvard University, UK and USA
Wallace’s understanding of species and speciation

Professor Tim Birkhead FRS, University of Sheffield, UK
Wallace, Darwin and female choice

Professor Ted Benton, University of Essex, UK
Wallace and human evolution

Professor Chris Stringer FRS, Natural History Museum, UK
Old and new views on human evolution

Martin Rees FRS, University of Cambridge, UK
Wallace and the universe

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz FRS, University of Cambridge, UK
The Vaccination Controversy

Dr David Stack, University of Reading, UK
Wallace, a social scientist’s perspective

Dr Andrew Berry, Harvard University, USA
The Wallace legacy

History of creationism

A recent lecture and a podcast both look at the history of creationism in America.

The podcast BackStory with the American History Guys brought on historian of science Ronald Numbers and high school educator Joe Wilkey to discuss “In the Beginning: Evolution & Creation in America” (mp3):

On this episode of BackStory, the History Guys explore the ways Americans have attempted to grapple with the biggest question of them all: “Where did we come from?” Together, they trace the ups and downs in the relationship between science  and religion. Are there times when the two have not been at odds? How did the Founders conceive of “creation,” and why did the idea of extinction pose such a challenge to their worldview? How were Darwin’s ideas received in the U.S., and why did it take six decades before public school systems started challenging the teaching of his theories? What lessons does history offer those interested in charting a peaceful relationship between science and religion in the future?

And Adam Laats gave a lecture entitled “‘Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Huckabee’ – Creationism in Historical Perspective” for the Evolutionary Studies seminar series on November 7th, and video is available:

Skeptically Speaking #129: The Prince of Evolution

Click here to listen or download episode 129 of Skeptically Speaking:

This week, we’re discussing evolution, and a less well known, but just as fabulously bearded, scientist who helped to expand the theory. We’ll talk to Dr. Lee Alan Dugatkin, about his book The Prince of Evolution: Peter Kropotkin’s Adventures in Science and Politics. And science history blogger Michael D. Barton joins us to examine the ways that evolution deniers misuse the words of Charles Darwin to make their case.

Podcast Beyond Belief

Podcast Beyond Belief

Podcast for Secular Parenting

Foundation Beyond Belief (website/Blog/Twitter/Facebook), the non-profit organization started by Dale McGowan (blog/Twitter), author/editor of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers, now has a podcast, Podcast Beyond Belief (Facebook):

The fathers at Science-Based Parenting are producing a new podcast affiliated with Foundation Beyond Belief called “Podcast Beyond Belief”. We’re teaming up with Laurie Tarr of Rational Moms, Elyse Anders from Skepchick, and Heidi Anderson from She Thought to bring you an assortment of interesting interviews, audio articles, and parenting news targeted toward freethinking families.

The first episode is with Dale McGowan himself (“What is Secularism?”). Listen here.

Reshelving anti-evolution books on Skeptically Speaking podcast

Can you find the Creationist book?  (Photo by Colin Purrington)

Can you find the Creationist book? (Photo by Colin Purrington)

The whole fiasco revolving around my reshelving anti-evolution books in a bookstore was discussed on the podcast Skeptically Speaking (listen here/mp3 here), and considers whether my sort of activism is effective. You can hear it toward the beginning of the program before they move on to the Independent Investigations Group.

I’ll repost the links to my posts, and posts at other blogs concerning my “subversive” activities:

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