‘Tis the season for evolving…

Here’s a collection of holiday items relating to Darwin and evolution that I’ve posted over the last 5 years or so…

Two holiday card options from Blag Hag:

Paleontologist Thomas Holtz penned “The Twelve Days of Darwin” for Darwin Day in 2009, but it seems appropriate for this time of year, too.

Colin Purrington has a Darwin ornament you can print out and fold then hang on your holiday tree:

Make a Charles Darwin Christmas ornament!

Tree from xkcd (a reader has pointed out that this cartoon is not about Darwin/evolution – I thought it was a phylogenetic Christmas tree – but rather a reference to mathematics – binary heap):


Some Darwin Santas:

Santa Darwin

Darwin Claus


Happy Holidays from gf Newland

Snowman evolution, from John Kerschbaum (via Jay Hosler):


Evolving tree:


chanukiah to christmas tree

Evolution of Santa:

The Heroes of Science ornament collection includes Darwin:

Heroes of Science: Set of 10 ornaments of your choice

Atheist Christmas Cards has a few of Darwin:

Darwin Atheist Christmas Cards Evolution of Tradition Secular Cards Humorous Atheist Snowman Christmas Cards

And finally, you could always just take a Darwin fish and place it on your tree:


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Not much going on with us for St. Patrick’s Day. I went to Patrick’s preschool because a local herpetologist brought many of his reptiles to show the kids today (Steve’s Creature Feature). Will share some pictures later; it was a lot of fun. Appropriate for so many little kids to be wearing green when looking amazed at a lizards, snakes, and even an alligator. When I left the school (now at a coffee shop across the street waiting until he’s done), they were cutting out leprechaun ears!

Catherine is at work all day, so Patrick and I are going to relax at home and make some Irish Soda Bread scones.

And as always, this is a special day to remember my late grandfather, Patrick (whom my son is named after), whose parents came to Massachusetts from County Cavan, Ireland. He passed away in 2002. Here he is doing his husbandly duties back in, I think, the late 50s:


And since his favorite song was “Danny Boy,” I must share this version which I saw on Facebook today:

Per Grandpa Brady’s daughter’s request, here’s another version, by Eva Cassidy:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!