ARTICLE: Darwin’s body-snatchers?

This short article in the journal Endeavour takes a creationist claim about Darwin to task:

Darwin’s body-snatchers?

John van Wyhe

Abstract For decades creationists have claimed that Charles Darwin sought the skulls of full-blooded Aboriginal Tasmanian people when only four were left alive. It is said that Darwin letters survive which reveal this startling and distasteful truth. Tracing these claims back to their origins, however, reveals a different, if not unfamiliar story.

2 thoughts on “ARTICLE: Darwin’s body-snatchers?

  1. So as with Ernst Haeckel’s being put on trial for fraud at his university, Darwin’s supposed lust for Tasmanian skulls is nothing more than a figment of creationist imaginations. “Shocking”.

  2. Troy, had you come across this claim in all the creationist literature you’ve surely (painfully) read?

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