BOOK: Story of Life: Evolution

Anyone familiar with the 2014 book Animalium by Jenny Broom and illustrated by Katie Scott (which we’ve checked out several times from our local library) will likely enjoy this new book by the same illustrator, also part of the Welcome to the Museum series:


Katie Scott, Story of Life: Evolution (Surey, UK: Big Picture Press, 2015), 16 pp.

Publisher’s description See the evolution of life on earth in this chronological compendium of over eighty extraordinary creatures of land, sea and sky, from algae to Archaeopteryx and Pterygotus to Tyrannosaurus rex. Each life form, whether tiny bacteria or Ice Age megafauna, has been chosen to represent it period in earth’s history and to show life’s incredible diversity. Illustrated in stunning detail by the talented Katie Scott, dive into this two-metre-wide timeline to discover the extraordinary story of life on earth.

Here are some images of the book (courtesy Katie Scott):



On the front side is the illustrated timeline, while on the back is text describing the different geologic periods and some of the creatures found within them, from the Precambrian to the Quaternary. The timeline’s connection to the book is perforated, making removal easy if one would like to hang it up somewhere. Ours will stay in book format, though – easy to take with us!

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