Special issue of Endeavour journal on Charles Darwin and Scientific Revolutions

The September-December 2014 issue of the history of science journal Endeavour was devoted to “Charles Darwin and Scientific Revolutions,” and included the following articles:


Can a revolution hide another one? Charles Darwin and the Scientific Revolution – Richard G. Delisle

The Scientific Revolution and the Darwinian Revolution

Was there a Darwinian Revolution? Yes, no, and maybe! – Michael Ruse

On Darwin’s science and its contexts – M.J.S. Hodge

A brief, but imperfect, historical sketch of a ‘considerable revolution’ – Barbara Continenza

Tensions in Darwin: Sitting Between Two Revolutions

Darwin and the geological controversies over the steady-state worldview in the 1830s – Gabriel Gohau

Evolution in a fully constituted world: Charles Darwin’s debts towards a static world in the Origin of Species (1859) – Richard G. Delisle

Laws of variation: Darwin’s failed Newtonian program? – Thierry Hoquet

Emulating Newton in the Victorian Age

There is grandeur in this view of Newton: Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Victorian conceptions of scientific virtue – Richard Bellon

Experimentalism and the Nature/Artifice Relationship

Darwin’s experimentalism – Richard A. Richards

‘The art itself is nature’: Darwin, domestic varieties and the scientific revolution – S. Andrew Inkpen

Darwinism: A Moving Target

Charles Darwin’s reputation: how it changed during the twentieth-century and how it may change again – Ron Amundson

The Darwinian revolution in Germany: from evolutionary morphology to the modern synthesis – Georgy S. Levit, Uwe Hossfeld, Lennart Olsson

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