Two new Darwin statues, as a young naturalist

In the news recently, there are two new Charles Darwin statues, and they both depict the young naturalist (yay!).

The Chicago Maroon: Dr. Watson welcomes Darwin statue

Statue at the Biological Sciences Learning Center, Univ. of Chicago (Photo: Frank Wang)

Galapagos Conservation: The Making of Darwin

Statue at the Charles Darwin Research Station, Santa Cruz island, Galapagos

5 thoughts on “Two new Darwin statues, as a young naturalist

  1. Glenn, I saw both links shared on the NCSE Facebook page, and guessed that you all had seen my post. 😉

  2. But we know that Darwin had a beard on the Beagle voyage – don’t we? I’m sure I once looked into this and found reference to him having a beard – perhaps in ‘Voyage of the Beagle’. [This remark refers to the second statue – the first does seem to have a beard, but the image is not clear enough to by 100% sure of this]

  3. I just checked on the DCP website and found that CD did indeed have a beard – at least when he was in the colder parts of South America:

    In a letter to Frederick Watkins in August 1832 from Monte Video has says: “If you were to meet me at present I certainly should be looked at like a wild beast, a great grisly beard and flushing jacket would disfigure an angel.” (see

    And in a letter to Catherine Darwin from the Falkland Islands in April 1834 he says “My love to Nancy. tell her if she was now to see me with my great beard, she would think I was some worthy Solomon come to sell the trinkets.” (

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