Today is the 100th anniversary of the death of Alfred Russel Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace, by Sophie Wainwright

Alfred Russel Wallace, natural history collector, biogeographer, and co-discoverer with Charles Darwin of the theory of natural selection, died on November 7, 1913, one hundred years ago today.

Here’s how you can observe this occasion:

Visit the Wallace100 page from the Natural History Museum in London

Visit Charles Smith’s website, The Alfred Russel Wallace Page

Visit George Beccaloni’s page, The Alfred Russel Wallace Website (and like ARW on Facebook, and follow @ARWallace on Twitter)

Visit Beccaloni’s other page, The Alfred Russel Wallace Correspondence Project

Visit John van Wyhe’s page, Wallace Online (you can access Wallace’s books here)

Watch The Animated Life of A.R. Wallace from The New York Times

Watch a 1983 docu-drama, The Forgotten Voyage

Read a book, here are some suggestions: An Elusive Victorian: The Evolution of Alfred Russel Wallace, Alfred Russel Wallace: A Life., Infinite Tropics: An Alfred Russel Wallace Anthology, The Heretic in Darwin’s Court: The Life of Alfred Russel Wallace, In Darwin’s Shadow: The Life and Science of Alfred Russel Wallace: A Biographical Study on the Psychology of History, Alfred Russel Wallace in the Amazon: Footsteps in the Forest, Natural Selection and Beyond: The Intellectual Legacy of Alfred Russel Wallace, Dispelling the Darkness: Voyage in the Malay Archipelago and the Discovery of Evolution by Wallace and Darwin, and Alfred Russel Wallace: Letters from the Malay Archipelago

Read this book review, and its comments

Read this blog post, and its comments

Here’s how you should NOT to observe this occasion:

Don’t watch this “documentary”: Darwin’s Heretic

Don’t read these books: Alfred Russel Wallace: A Rediscovered Life, Alfred Russel Wallace’s Theory of Intelligent Evolution: How Wallace’s World of Life Challenged Darwinism (Revised Edition), The Darwin Conspiracy: Origins of a Scientific Crime, and A Delicate Arrangement: The Strange Case of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace

Don’t read these posts from the Discovery Institute showing how ARW is their poster boy for intelligent design: Rewatching Darwin’s Heretic and For Telling the Truth About Alfred Russel Wallace, Historian Michael Flannery Is Slandered as a “Denialist”

Don’t read this piece from the Public Domain Review: Alfred Russel Wallace: A Heretic’s Heretic

10 thoughts on “Today is the 100th anniversary of the death of Alfred Russel Wallace

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  2. Jim – Deathbed conversions for Darwin and Wallace (really?) are baloney and you know it.

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