BOOK: The War on Science Goes Batshit

Allen J. Woppert, The War on Science Goes Batshit (CreateSpace, 2013), 248 pp

Most students don’t challenge their teachers’ methods. But fourteen-year-old Timothy Thompson isn’t like most students. He’s a certified genius and science geek, and when Mrs. Barker, his biology teacher, tries to slip “intelligent design” into the curriculum and then refuses to teach evolution, Timothy simply won’t have it. What happens from there is an all-out Batshit war. Timothy attends Omar L. Batshit (pronounced baht-SHEET) High School in Batshit, Illinois, where, following his battle with Mrs. Barker, many perceive his actions as anti-Christian and consider him the antichrist. He is harassed and bullied by students and tormented by Mr. Braun, the gym teacher with more brawn than brain. Joined by an endearing crew of fellow science geeks—including Megan Chow, whom Timothy vows to make his girlfriend—Timothy plans a lecture series to teach the “real science” Mrs. Barker refuses to teach. While this causes almost everyone around Timothy to hate him all the more, the geek squad gets enough support from the school’s principal and librarian to pull the series together. As Timothy and his friends continue to plan the lectures, unsettling forces continue to work against them. He finds help from some unexpected sources, including Mike Petersson, the star of the school’s football team and self-described “dumb jock,” who takes on the role of Timothy’s bodyguard. Eventually, Timothy finds himself in a life-threatening situation, where not even his big, burly bodyguard can help him. Will Timothy survive? Or will he become a casualty of the war he started? A suspenseful, entertaining story, The War on Science Goes Batshit takes a fresh look at the war between religion and science from the perspective of a teenage geek, setting it up not only as a politically charged piece but also as a young adult, coming-of-age saga that tells a tale of ordinary and extraordinary teens experiencing their first year of high school, the bonds and insecurities of friendship, and first love.

4 thoughts on “BOOK: The War on Science Goes Batshit

  1. dear Michael, you are the one that is “batshit”. You are indoctrinated by the evilutionist heathen scum and are headed straight to hell if you do not repent. My entire blog is devoted to disproving the stupidity of atheist heathens like you, and you may check us out, but do not expect to get into heaven until you accept Christ. Heaven is much like my living room. Unsaved unwelcome!

    I will be praying for you.

    I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

  2. Dear Jim Solouki,

    Plenty of Christians fully accept Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by means of Natural Selection. This is because not all Christians are total idiots. No doubt these people don’t count as ‘True’ Christians in your book.

  3. Dear Richard, those Christians are indeed not True Christians. The Bible tells us that the only way to enter heaven is to be Born Again. That includes taking Christ’s words as Truth. Christ accepted Creation, and He knows how God created. Kent Hovind was right in his PhD dissertation. The doctrine of evolution was a sinful abomination given to man by Satan in the Garden of Eden in serpent form. Accept evolution and go straight to hell.

    Checkmate, heathens.

  4. On your own blog, Jim, you state at the beginning of a post, “Greetings heathen scum.” Then later in the same post, “We are not hateful. We are True Christians doing the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Gosh you are one stupid human being.

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