Hand-printed, hand-bound book about Wallace, Darwin, and natural selection

The Alfred Russel Wallace Memorial Fund notes this new unique book:

“The Letter from Ternate” has just been published by Tim Preston of The TimPress. It focuses on the curious and dramatic events surrounding the publication of one of the most important scientific articles in the history of science – Darwin and Wallace’s groundbreaking 1858 paper which first proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection. It features new and highly accurate transcriptions of letters to and from Wallace, Darwin, Hooker and Lyell, plus the text of the famous ‘joint paper,’ and Wallace’s Acceptance Speech given after receiving the gold Darwin-Wallace Medal of the Linnean Society of London in 1908.

The book is special because it is hand printed, hand bound and limited to only 100 copies. Many of the copies were pre-ordered so this is probably your last chance to buy what is a unique memento of the 2013 Wallace centenary. You won’t find it in any shop or on Amazon!

Details of the book are as follows: 12.5 x 18.75cm, 96pp, printed in Caslon by hand on a Crown Folio Albion press, on Somerset Book mould-made paper from St Cuthbert’s Mill, with an introduction by Dr George Beccaloni, tipped-in wood engravings, map, pictures etc. 100 copies only have been printed, of which 95 are quarter bound in leather with decorated paper covers. The cost is £80 and it can be ordered from Tim Preston – email timpress@me.com

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