Staying up to date with The Dispersal of Darwin

I had used Google Reader for a long time in order to keep track of the blogs and websites I follow. Earlier this year, Google announced they would end Reader on July 1st. I switched to Feedly, and highly recommend it!

So, if you’ve followed this blog through Google Reader, please update my RSS for another feed reader, or subscribe to my posts via email through the tool in the blog’s sidebar. Also, all posts go to this Facebook page, and my Twitter.

Thanks for following!

– Michael


2 thoughts on “Staying up to date with The Dispersal of Darwin

  1. The Feedly interface is pretty, but it feels so self-contained. It seems hard or impossible to send web pages to other apps, e.g. gmail or Evernote or Dropbox. Feedly feels like a pretty but lightweight app for “browsing”. And articles I save within Feedly aren’t accessible to other apps/search engines. Or am I missing something? Wish someone would come up with a serious researcher’s web reader, with powerful search/save/note-taking.

  2. Nathaniel – I haven’t had difficulty sending a post in Feedly to my Gmail…

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