Sometimes I don’t know why I bother


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I don’t know why I bother

  1. ha… and the irony is, she’s right on all three counts, particularly the third. The answer she is looking for is right there in her own response, evolution has to evolve from something. If creationism were right, we would not be able to observe gradual, progressive change in the fossil record.

    Where are the mammals from the Cambrian era? Why are they missing? If creationism were true, we should find rabbit fossils next to trilobites, but we don’t, they came later. Ah, but from where? From the life that existed before them, as they evolved. Oh, she’s so close to a lightbulb moment…

  2. “Evolution had to evolve from something.”

    And …? Even assuming there was some god(s) … cough .. “designer(s)” (Q, perhaps?) that created the first life form, what does that have to do with what happened afterwards?

    “Wiki sources have been known to be inacurate.”

    Doubleplusbadfacepalm! There are things called books in places called libraries where you can do something called read the actual words.

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