Some recent Darwin in the news…

Friends of Charles Darwin: An old tradition (April Fool’s prank played on HMS Beagle)

Darwin Correspondence Project: Race, Civilization, and Progress

BBC: Charles Darwin letters reveal his emotional side

Daily Mail: ‘Thank God she never knew she was leaving us’: Darwin’s secret grief at watching daughter-in-law die revealed in unseen letters

TIME: Cambridge Publishes Charles Darwin’s Secret Letters Online

io9: Hundreds of Charles Darwin’s previously unpublished letters to be released online

Darwin’s letters from 1872 will be published in May 2013: The Correspondence of Charles Darwin: Volume 20, 1872

What’s New on Darwin Online

BBC’s In Our Time: Alfred Russel Wallace

Strange Behaviors: Darwin’s Other Dangerous Idea

University of Cambridge: Darwin’s ‘forgotten women’ celebrated on International Women’s Day

Not Exactly Rocket Science: The Origin of the Friendly Wolf that Confused Darwin

4 thoughts on “Some recent Darwin in the news…

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