New coloring book from The Bug Chicks

Our friends The Bug Chicks – Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker – have published their very own insect coloring book. If you’ve ever seen them share their passion for segmented invertebrates at a school or library in Portland, then you’ll know that their “inner bug dork” has come out and expressed itself on the pages of their coloring book, titled Incredible Arthropods: Insects, spiders & more! With 29 coloring pages and a two-page glossary of entomological and ecological terms, this coloring book will either delight the already bug-crazed kid in your life or reel-in he or she that needs to be encouraged to learn about insects and understand that they are far from uninteresting or frightening.

Here are a some sample images that were shared on their Facebook page:

If you’re interested in purchasing a coloring book, you can find it on Amazon for $8: Incredible Arthropods: Insects, spiders & more! The inner bug dork in me thanks you for considering!

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