Some news about Alfred Russel Wallace

Image: “ilmizu1” on Flickr

I’ll let these various posts/pages speak for themselves, but do note that 2013 is the 100th anniversary of Wallace’s death. If we celebrate (not worship  mind you) Darwin, so we should Wallace, right?


A Bronze Statue of Wallace: A lasting legacy of 2013

Need funding for a Wallace-related project?

A beautiful book to mark the 2013 Wallace anniversary

and, brought to you by John van Wyhe, creator of Darwin Online:

Wallace Online


2 thoughts on “Some news about Alfred Russel Wallace

  1. Thanks very much Michael. Quite a lot of events to mark the Wallace anniversary are being planned around the world (Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia & Brazil). However, in the USA the only one I have heard about so far is one at Harvard University. Hopefully more will follow.

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