Darwin issue of Journal of Cambridge Studies

In 2009, the Journal of Cambridge Studies devoted an issue to Darwin, and the articles are freely accessible as PDFs:

Charles Darwin’s Cambridge Life 1828-1831 by John van Wyhe

Darwin’s years in Cambridge were some of the most important and formative of his early life. For the rest of his life he felt a particular affection for Cambridge. For a time he even considered a Cambridge professorship as a career and he sent three of his sons there to be educated. …

Christian Evolutionists in the United States, 1860-1900 by Bernard Lightman

In this paper I will examine the theistic evolutionism of four important American Christian leaders, Minot Judson Savage, Joseph Cook, Henry Ward Beecher, and Lyman Abbott. From the late 1870¡¯s to the 1890¡¯s these men played a key role in the construction of a theory of evolution congenial to various forms of Christianity. …

The Secret History of Victorian Evolution by James A. Secord

I have a confession to make. For the past three years I have been Director of the Darwin Correspondence Project, and have spent much of this time (and certainly most of 2009) making Darwin better known. It is a part of my job. …

What Does Evolutionary Science Provide for Contemporary Philosophy? On Ernst Mayr’s “New Philosophy of Biology” by Jianhui Li

Ernst Mayr is a well-known biologist and philosopher in the twentieth century. Being a biologist, he is an important person in constructing the synthesis theory of evolution; being a philosopher, he has advocated a new philosophy, which, he claims, synthesizes the achievement of different biologies and physics, while at the same time getting rid of the influences of the traditional philosophy of science. …

A Non-Darwinian in the Darwin Year by Jim Secord and Haiyan Yang

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