Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

Or, as it is called here in the United States, because the word science is such a marketing turn off, Pirates! Band of Misfits. Has anyone seen it?

Note that Darwin is mentioned by name in the UK trailer:

4 thoughts on “Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

  1. David Tennant voices Charles Darwin!

    From what I’ve read on wikipedia, the story line differs ever so slightly from the actual voyage of the Beagle 😉

    I’m sure Darwin would have a hearty laugh at some of the outlandish propositions, and would like the way the film appeals to a child’s imagination.

  2. Ciao Michael !
    in Italy the title is “Pirati! Briganti da strapazzo” …until yesterday nobody know that Darwin is in the Cast ! I have share it on Fb last night 🙂
    Also in Italy we have bad problems with the Church and creationists….
    but in this case we have tricked them 🙂
    I hope many children will go to see the movie..
    I will go to see it on Saturday, than we can talk about it, if you want!
    Take care

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