My Darwin talk at OHSU, April 4th

Guest Lecture

Perhaps I should let folks here know that I will be giving a talk at the Oregon Health & Sciences University here in Portland on Wednesday, April 4th, at 12:30pm in the Old Library Auditorium. It will be for a reception to the small exhibit now on display in the OHSU Library, Rewriting the Book of Nature (see my post here).

Darwin Exhibit

My talk will be “Charles Darwin: Myth vs. History,” an overview of myths about Darwin and corrections of them. I will talk about both what I think are unintentionally created myths (events or characteristics that find their way into popular history, science textbooks, etc.) and those that are indeed intentional, and meant to smeer the reputation of a historical character (mainly, creationist misuse of history).

Reception at 12:00, my talk at 12:30, free and open to the public!

8 thoughts on “My Darwin talk at OHSU, April 4th

  1. Hey Michael – sorry I missed your talk today; as Luck would have it, Providence was not on my side. Frustrating day. I would also like to know if it was recorded or uploaded to You Tube.

    I’m a former preacher (Pentecostal, evangelical, whole sordid ball of twisted tongue-talking twine) who has not yet been Naturally Selected to accept atheism but have evolved (or devolved, according to whose table I’m at) into respectable Deism, certainly Skepticism. I have gained a great respect for Darwin since leaving Blind Faith. He was lambasted and despised by everyone I encountered for most of my life…even by college educated professionals, some with degrees in science.

    Query: I preached a few sermons where I got great traction from a quotation attributed to Darwin, a quote I gleaned from the lying lips of well-know and established pastors of large evangelical churches, with various iterations. Reputedly, when on his deathbed, Darwin said, “I never believed in a God or a Hell until now, but now I believe in both.” Have you ever heard this canard?

    Thanks, Mordecai Ham, Vancouver, WA

  2. Hi Mordecai –

    One of the myths I talked about was that Darwin renounced his theory and accepted Christ on his deathbed. Your quote probably stems from this. It is all utterly false.

  3. Thanks for your informative reply. Just returned from Wash. D.C. Toured National Cathedral (Episcopal), Mormon Temple D.C., visited a large suburban Catholic church, three large Jewish Synagogues. All tax-supported, government-sanctioned and beautiful edifices, each proclaiming their patented “Truth.” Depressing to realize how pervasive and all-encompassing government sanctioned superstition is in this country. Ironically, we are one of the most religious countries on earth, while having an Offense…er, Defense Budget that exceeds that of the rest of the world combined. Darwin loved finches. Christians salivate over guns and war.
    Come, Let us Prey.
    Peace, Mordecai Ham

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