An objective creation museum in the Pacific Northwest?

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and feel left out of being able to visit a creation museum, fear not!

There is much wrong with the statements made by these men reading off of cue cards.

1. Doug Bennett states that the NSM “will explain both the biblical and naturalistic points of view, side by side. In this way, visitors can see both views and then can determine for themselves which theory makes the most sense and which theory matches the evidence that we see in the world around us.” Less than a minute later, Rick Deighton states, “The museum will show scientifically how evolution is absurd.” So much for letting the visitor look at the evidence and make their own decision!

2. Evidence that confounds the most ardent evolutionists? I’d like to see what they offer that hasn’t been explained away by non-creationists, otherwise known as scientists.

3. Deighton: the NSM “will also put on display the catastrophic consequences of Darwinism. For example, Hitler and his Nazi regime could never have done what they did without the foundation of Darwinian evolution.” A tired claim shown to be wrong by historians.

4. The NSM will be different from other creation museums because it will be a “true science museum.” Yes, don’t mind the words biblical, gospel, Jesus, God, and creation that will be on many of the labels in the museum. This museum will be all about the science, okay?

I came across this video in a blog post from the Portland Mercury: A Cadre of Old, White Guys Plot a Creationist Science Museum.

10 thoughts on “An objective creation museum in the Pacific Northwest?

  1. I had a creationist debating with me on my blog. He botched basic biology (he didn’t know that whales are mammals), then edited his comment and denied he ever said anything of the sort. I’ve documented it in the hope that perhaps even some conservative Christians who might naturally be inclined to sympathize with creationists may be able to spot that they are charlatans, and I thought I’d share the link:

  2. “Creation science” is ridiculous…. and “Catastrophic consequences of Darwinism??” I guess if these guys don’t care about science they aren’t going to pay much attention to history either.

    And nerdiest, don’t complain! I live in Florida, home of The Holy Land Experience theme park!

  3. This comment comes from Europe (well, not exactly, comes from Spain).
    Please stop this madness. Human knowledge does not deserve this ugly insult.

  4. Personally, I can’t wait for this ‘science’ museum to open up. The Pacific Northwest can always use another comedy club. Now, if they’d go ahead and get rolling with their liquor license.

  5. For personal reasons I think it would be fun to visit such a place, but my wishes are not what matters. Let it not come to completion, for the children!

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  7. I think my favorite is “Jesus Christ, the creator of the universe” Really? I’m pretty sure the world existed before Jesus came around.

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