‘Tis the season for evolving…

Here’s a collection of holiday items relating to Darwin and evolution that I’ve posted over the last 5 years or so…

Two holiday card options from Blag Hag:

Paleontologist Thomas Holtz penned “The Twelve Days of Darwin” for Darwin Day in 2009, but it seems appropriate for this time of year, too.

Colin Purrington has a Darwin ornament you can print out and fold then hang on your holiday tree:

Make a Charles Darwin Christmas ornament!

Tree from xkcd (a reader has pointed out that this cartoon is not about Darwin/evolution – I thought it was a phylogenetic Christmas tree – but rather a reference to mathematics – binary heap):


Some Darwin Santas:

Santa Darwin

Darwin Claus


Happy Holidays from gf Newland

Snowman evolution, from John Kerschbaum (via Jay Hosler):


Evolving tree:


chanukiah to christmas tree

Evolution of Santa:

The Heroes of Science ornament collection includes Darwin:

Heroes of Science: Set of 10 ornaments of your choice

Atheist Christmas Cards has a few of Darwin:

Darwin Atheist Christmas Cards Evolution of Tradition Secular Cards Humorous Atheist Snowman Christmas Cards

And finally, you could always just take a Darwin fish and place it on your tree:


8 thoughts on “‘Tis the season for evolving…

  1. I love this post! Thanks for sharing John Kershbaum’s evolving snowman. It remains one of my all time favorites. I have updated the original post on my blog that featured the cartoon. The new post contains a cartoon with copyright information on it. If possible, would you mind updating the image in this post with the new one? The new cartoon can be found here: http://www.jayhosler.com/jshblog/?p=913

  2. I love the Christmas cards and I have to get my Daughter to print out the Darwin ornament.

  3. The snow man card is great. I need those! Although I do have a nit to pick: I’m not sure that the xkcd cartoon has anything to do with evolution or Darwin. That is a binary tree with a heap under it. It is a math/computer science reference, but hilarious nonetheless. 😉

  4. cincinatheist – Thanks for your comment, and your nit to pick. At first sight I thought it was a phylogenetic tree showing relationships among the ornaments and the presents. I did not know the “heap” reference.

    I am going to leave the image though (but add a note) and your comment!

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