Connecting children to nature

Over the last week I teamed up with the organization Nature Rocks to provide tips about getting children outside and into nature. My voice came through on their Facebook and Twitter pages as I posted on my other blog, Exploring Portland’s Natural Areas. If you’re interested, here are those posts, with plenty of pictures of my son exploring in nature:

October 31st – This week I am a Nature Rocks Ambassador!

November 1st – Getting outside with your children should not be a tedious affair. Simply put, just get outside!

November 2nd – Keeping essential exploring tools handy makes nature play a more natural part of the day

November 3rd – Ways to extend outdoor experiences beyond outside

November 4th – Nature in your neighborhood

November 5th – Who explores nature for a living? Learning from naturalists and biologists

November 6th – We are all connected: Chemically, ecologically, and evolutionarily

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