VIDEO: Evolution and Global Warming Denialism: How the Public is Misled

Eugenie Scott of the NCSE in Scotland:

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Evolution and Global Warming Denialism: How the Public is Misled

  1. Those who enjoyed this might also enjoy some other informative stuff about climate change denial:

    The ingenious ways we avoid believing in climate change, by George Marshall

    See also Naomi Oreskes’ book, Manufacturing Doubt, which is about how the denial industry is funded:
    Naomi Oreskes also has a few really good lectures on YouTube about this subject.

    There’s also an excellent set of videos produced by climate blogger Peter Sinclair (aka Greenman3610) ( You can see the whole list here:

    On understanding the psychology of climate denial a bit more, there’s also this book (which I’ve bought but not read yet): Living in Denial: Climate Change, Emotions, and Everyday Life, by Karie Norgaard ( –

    And don’t forget to check in with these excellent climate blogs:
    Real Climate (,
    Climate Progress ( and
    Skeptical Science ( T

    he latter in particular has an excellent list of debunked denialist “arguments”:

    Anyway, I hope these resources prove interesting/useful and apologies for posting so many links all at once.



  2. Thanks, Luke, for the links! I have “Merchants of Doubt,” and so far it’s great.

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