History of Science lectures from Gresham College

For the oodles of time you have to sit and watch/listen to lectures:


The life and legacy of Dr Edward Jenner FRS, pioneer of vaccination
From Jenner to Wakefield: The long shadow of the anti-vaccination movement


The Changing Body: Health, Nutrition and Development in the Western World since 1700
Science’s First Mistake: Delusions In Pursuit of Theory?
Early Mathematics Day
To Infinity and Beyond
The Victorians: Empire and Race
The Victorians: Religion and Science
Early Science: An Historical Perspective [Part 1]
Early Science: An Historical Perspective [Part 2]
Triangular Relationships
Royal Society Anniversary Lecture: An Even Shorter History of Nearly Everything
The Victorians: Time and Space
Sir Hans Sloane: 350 years of preserving history
Wren, Hooke and Willis: Divine geometry and natural design
The Boyle Lecture: The Legacy of Robert Boyle – then and now
400 Years of the Telescope
History, Science, Religion: Capturing The Public Imagination
Now the dust has settled: A view of Robert Hooke post-2003
Cosmic Imagery: Key Images in the History of Science
The New London and the Heavenly Jerusalem: Scientists and Craftsmen in Sir Christopher Wren’s London
The Sun Kings
Hospital for seafarers
Health on the ocean waves: The sea-doctor afloat and in port
Robert Hooke: Tercentennial Studies
Curious Eyes and Steady Hands – Anatomists in Georgian London
The Mariners’ Instruments
Some London heroes of science and technology
The celestial geometry of John Flamsteed: Mapping the heavens from 17th century Greenwich
Disease and Death in Late Stuart London
The Jacobean Space Programme – Wings, springs and gunpowder: flying to the moon from 17th century England
Medicine in London, 1600 to 1900 – A well-scrubbed world
Medicine in London, 1600 to 1900 – Dr William Harvey and the seventeenth-century medical revolution
Hooke as Speculative Philosopher
Hooke as Designer, Maker and User of Instruments
Hooke as Employee
Genetics, Evolution and Eugenics – Lecture One
Genetics, Evolution and Eugenics – Lecture Two
True and Impartial Observations: The Work of Robert Hooke
The Boyle lecture – Misusing Darwin: The Materialist Conspiracy in Evolutionary Biology
Mathematics in the modern age – The 19th century: Revolution or evolution?
Mathematics, Motion, and Truth: The Earth goes round the Sun

3 thoughts on “History of Science lectures from Gresham College

  1. I’ve watched one which led me to searching the site for other history of science stuff. The one called “Triangular Relationships,” with historian Patricia Fara, author of Science: A Four Thousand Year History.

  2. *Swoon* For this science history geek, that looks like many hours of sheer…bliss. Thanks for posting that! (And you’re now on my daily science blog trawl list!)

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