Darwin/evolution at HSS and BSHS 2011

The annual meeting of the British Society for the History of Science occurred in July (programme). Here are the presentations given concerning Darwin and evolution (or related):

Communication of Evolution and Public Mobilization in China, Yang Haiyan
The origin of man and the public: the sciences of man at the BAAS, 1866-1870, Juan Manuel Rodriguez Caso
After Tyndall: Science, Religion and the Bristol Meeting of the British Association, Ciaran Toal
The Changing Faces of Science in Punch 1859-90, Samuel Robinson
Reconsidering the Huxley v. Wilberforce Debate, Nanna Kaalund
Paracelsus to Darwin: the migration of transmutation, Brian Regal
Peirce contra Spencer: Extending the Objections to Lamarck and Darwin, David R. Crawford
Reconstructing Sinanthropus pekinensis: An Evolutionary Icon in an International Perspective, 1920-1950, Chris Manias

The annual meeting of the History of Science Society is in November (program). Here are the presentations given concerning Darwin and evolution (or related):

Collaborative Teaching in the Classroom and in the Field: Teaching Evolution and Its History from the Galapagos to the Rainforest, Piers J. Hale
Education, Evolution and Race Progress: Implications of Organic Selection, Jacy L. Young
Laws of Biology in Orthogenetic Theory, Mark A. Ulett
Gaps in the Record: Henry Fairfield Osborn, George Gaylord Simpson, Ernst Mayr and the History of Evolutionary Paleontology, Miranda Paton
Popularizing Evolution: Stephen Jay Gould, Professional Values and Neo-Darwinism, 1980-2002, Myrna Perez
The Origin of Life in the Cold War: Rehabilitating the Moral Complexity of the MillerUrey Experiment, Matthew Shindell
The Moral Benefits of a Science Education: Huxley, Maxwell, and the Working Men’s College, Matthew Stanley
Before the X-Club: The Queenswood-Marburg Network, Bernard Lightman
Visualizing the Interdisciplinary Community of 19th-Century Evolutionists: An Application of Social Network Analysis in the History of Science, Matthis Krischel (poster)
Lamarckism and the Constitution of Sociology, Snait B. Gissis
Evolutionary Naturalism and the Study of the Nebulae, Robert W. Smith
The Wealth of Notions: The Evolutionary Epistemology of William James, Henry M. Cowles
Dewey before James: Evolution and the Organic, 1875-1889, Trevor Pearce
Nebraska, 1924: America’s First Anti-Evolution Trial, Adam Shapiro
Darwin on the Cutting Room Floor: Evolution, Film Censorship, and the Hays Code, David A. Kirby
Cohn as Darwinian? Concepts of Speciation and Monomorphism in Nineteenth-Century German Bacteriology, Christina Matta
The Griffin’s Dilemma: Reconstructing Archaeopteryx, 1861-c.1990, Ilja Nieuwland
Refusing to Give Up the Ghost: Robert Chambers, Materialism, and Religious Sensibility in Victorian Britain, Angela Smith
Somewhere between Light and Shadow: Alfred Russel Wallace, Spirit Photography and the Trial of Henry Slade, Benjamin Mitchell
The End of an Evolutionary Biologist: The Spiritualism of George Henslow, Keith Francis

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