“What’s New” at Darwin Online (in the last year)

It’s been almost a year since I last shared what has been added to The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online. Well, a lot has been added in the last year. Enjoy:

2011, 09.02

Darwin’s referee reports reproduced by the kind permission of the Geological Society of London:

Darwin, C. R. Referee report on Williams, On the raised beaches in Barnstaple. (3.1837) Text & imageGeolSoc-COM-P4.2.216 

Darwin, C. R. Referee report on Forchhammer, Changes of level in Denmark. (10.1837) Text & imageGeolSoc-COM-P4.2.65

Darwin, C. R. Referee report on Austen, Limestones of Devonshire. (9.1838) Text & image GeolSoc-COM-P4.2.8

Darwin, C. R. Referee report on Clarke, Shower of ashes. (1.1840) Text & image GeolSoc-COM-P4.2.38

Darwin, C. R. Referee report on Chatfield, earthquake at San Salvador. (11.1840) Text & image GeolSoc-COM-P4.2.35

Darwin, C. R. Referee reports on Newbold, Rock basins; Phillips on caves, elephant bones and pumice; and Hunt on an earthquake. (10.1842). Text & image GeolSoc-COM-P4.2.130

The geological diary continues in Chili:

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Chili. (2-6.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR36.447-451

2011, 08.22

Courtesy the Huntington Library, San Marino, California:

Syme, Patrick. 1821. Werner’s nomenclature of colours with additions, arranged so as to render it highly useful to the arts and sciences… 2d ed. Edinburgh: William Blackwood. Text Image PDF A704

2011, 08.16

Darwin, C. R. [list of specimens collected, numbered 1801-1830] / Passage of Animals & upheaval. Text & image CUL-DAR34.129-130

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: [Valdivia] New form[ation] Sandstones (like 2576 rather harder) ferruginous acicular. [2.1835] Text & image CUL-DAR35.351-353

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: [Concepcion March 1835] Fort Galvez. [3.1835] Text & image CUL-DAR35.354-356

2011, 08.11

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Chili. Text & image CUL-DAR36.438-444

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Douglass states that the Cordilleras about the Estero de Reloncavi. [nd] Text & image CUL-DAR36.445-446

Two more items on Darwin from Cuba courtesy of Luis Ernesto Martínez González:

Torre y Huerta, Carlos de la. 1880. Breve exposicion del Darwinismo. El Club de Matanzas No. 12 (16 May): 90-91. TextA712

Anon. 1882. Carlos Darwin. El Club de Matanzas No. 11 (16 June): 88. Text A713

2011, 08.10

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Chili. (2-6.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR36.429-435

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Chili (appendix). (2-6.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR36.436-437

Darwin, C. R. [Notes on children]. Text CUL-DAR210.11.38

2011, 08.09

A newly discovered Darwin publication/letter!

Darwin, C. R. 1874. [Letter of thanks to the Entomological Society of France]. Bulletin de la Société entomologique de France (Ser. 5) 4: xlvi. Text Image PDF F2127

Anon. 1847. [Review of] Geological observations made during the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle. British Quarterly Review 5: 358-387. TextA680

2011, 06.24

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Valparaiso. (1834-1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.371-376

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Chili. [1834-1836] Text & image CUL-DAR35.377-418

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Chili. [3 1834] Text & image CUL-DAR36.419

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Valparaiso (appendix to p. 47). (2.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR36.420-422

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Examined with Mr Alison shells on Hills [Valparaiso]. [2.1835] Text & image CUL-DAR36.424

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Valparaiso. Elevation land. (3.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR36.428

2011, 06.21

Wyhe, John van. 2007. A Darwin manuscript at Christ’s College. Christ’s College Magazine no. 232, pp. 66-8. Text A577

2011, 06.15

Anon. Tomando tierra en el fondo de la Bahía de San José. (nd) Text & image CUL-DAR34.10-11 Transcribed and translated by Austin Whittall and Sergio Zagier.

2011, 06.09

Anon. 1839. [Birth of William Erasmus Darwin]. The Times (30 December): 8. Text A677

Anon. 1842. Deaths. [Mary Eleanor Darwin]. The Times (19 October): 7. Text A678

[Darwin, C. R.] 1851. Died [Anne Elizabeth Darwin]. The Times (28 April): 9. Text F1999

Anon. 1858. Deaths. [Charles Waring Darwin]. The Times (28 June): 1. Text A679

2011, 06.01

A newly discovered Darwin publication/letter!

Darwin, C. R. 1875. [Letter on animal tails.] in R. L. Tait, The uses of tails in animals. Hardwicke’s Science Gossip 11, no. 126 (1 June): 126-127, p. 127. Text Image F2126

Lawson Taint Lawson Tait

2011, 05.27

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Concepcion. (3.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.357-370

2011, 05. 24

Richter, Hanns. 1882. Hanns Richter bei Darwin. Signale für die musikalische Welt [Leipzig] 4, No., 32 (May): 497-499. Text A520

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Valdivia. (2.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.343-346

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Baldivia. (2.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.347

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Niebla Fort. [2.1835] Text & image CUL-DAR35.348-349

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: The Cliffs are continued up to the Altos of old Tucapel. [2.1835] Text & image CUL-DAR35.350

2011, 05.19

Darwin, C. R. [Notes on the geology and corals of Keeling Islands]. [4.1836] Text & image CUL-DAR41.40-57
Transcribed and edited by Alistair Sponsel

2011, 05.18

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Lowes Harbor. (1.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.319-327

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Lacuy Peninsula. (1.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.331-340

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Chiloé. (1-2.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.341-342

Richter, Hans. 1882. [English translation of recollection of Darwin in 1881]. In Otto Zacharias, 1882. Charles R. Darwin und die culturhistorische Bedeutung seiner Theorie vom Ursprung der Arten, pp. 5-6. Translated for Darwin Online by Anders Hansson. TextA673

Hooker, W. J. 1837-1922. Icones plantarum or figures, with brief descriptive characters and remarks, of new or rare plants, selected from the author’s herbarium. London. Text A672

2011, 05.13

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Archipel: of Chiloe. (11.1834-2.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.288-303

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Peninsula of Lacuy. (1.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.304

Darwin, C. R. [geological diagrams, watercoloured, Chiloe]. Text & image CUL-DAR35.307-309

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Lacuy. (1.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.310-318

2011, 05.05-12

Colour scans of a newly discovered Darwin publication courtesy of J. David Archibald:

Darwin, C. R. 1841. On the distribution of the erratic boulders and on the contemporaneous unstratified deposits of South America. The London, Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science, Ser. 3, 19: 536-541. (Reprint of F1657) Image F1657a

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: [Valparaiso] Rock about the town generally gneiss. (7.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR35.218-226

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: [list of geological specimens collected numbered 230-295] Text & image CUL-DAR35.227-229

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Valparaiso / Hills behind Town (calculations of heights). (7.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR35.230

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Elevation of the plain of the Plazilla (calculations). Text & image CUL-DAR35.231

Eck, F. W, Height of various places in Chili ascertained by Barometrical admeasurement. [9.1834] Text & image CUL-DAR35.232

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Chonos and Tres Montes. [12.1834-1.1835] Text & imageCUL-DAR35.233-258

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Port St Andrew – Cape Harbor. (12.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR35.259-266

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Huafo. (1.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.267

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: “Former Lemoos.” — Jan. 6th [1835]. — Lat 44°: 30′. Text & image CUL-DAR35.268-269

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: East end of other Island. (12.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR35.270-271

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: First of Chonos Islands (Midship Bay). Text & image CUL-DAR35.272-273

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: A[nna] Pink Harbor. (1.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.274-276

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Anna Pink Harbor / Patch Cove. (12.1834-1.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.277-285

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Dark Harbor. (12.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR35.286-287

Darwin, C. R. A river is a string of water – some parts thick & moving slow – others. (12.1838) Text & image CUL-DAR40.54

Darwin, C. R. It may be suspected from correlation in range of cleavage with lines of disturbance. (11.1843) Text & image CUL-DAR42.55

Darwin, C. R. Cross cleavage & conversion of clayslate in gneiss show that original cleavage planes determine mineralogical planes.Text & image CUL-DAR42.61

Darwin, C. R. I may also remark that generally where the cleavage of the Mica Slates is not well developed. Text & image CUL-DAR42.77

Darwin, C. R. When writing on Cleavage refer to p. 37 of Hopkins abstract memoir. Text & image CUL-DAR42.79

Darwin, C. R. Before writing cleavage remarks read over whole Chapter & Sedgwicks Paper. Text & image CUL-DAR42.80

Darwin, C. R. The line of the outer Coast runs about W 40° N – parallel to cleavage. Text & image CUL-DAR42.194

Darwin, C. R. St Helena model. (9.1838) Text & image CUL-DAR44.30[.1]

2011, 04.18

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: At C. Espirito Santo, high cliffs commence. Text & image CUL-DAR34.194-195

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: From S of St Sebastian to St Pauls head. Text & image CUL-DAR34.196

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: very strongly: this elevation probably choked up C. Negro Isthmus. [1834] Text & image CUL-DAR34.197-198

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: The Andes created all S. America. [Chiloe] (6.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.199-200

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Chiloe. June-July. 1834. Text & image CUL-DAR34.201-205

2011, 04.15

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: C. Virgins. (1.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.186-187

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Magdalen Island & Cape Negro. (1-2.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.188-189

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: East coast of T. del Fuego & Sts of Magellan. Text & image CUL-DAR34.190-191

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Cape Virgins. (5.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.192

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: most curiously convoluted & mingled with the surrounding substance (5.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.193

2011, 04.12-14

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Chiloé. (7.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR35.206-217 Transcribed by Clare Ring and Kees Rookmaaker

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: T: del Fuego (appendix). (11.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR34.177-178

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: The more I reflect on Stratification & Cleavage the more difficulties I find. Text & image CUL-DAR34.179-180

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Bay. N. of Orange bay. Text & image CUL-DAR34.181-182

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Gregory Bay. (5.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.183

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: North of Wollaston Island. (1-2.1833) Text & image CUL-DAR34.184-185a

New colour images, courtesy of J. David Archibald, of the following:

Darwin, C. R. 1871. A new view of Darwinism. Nature 4 (6 July): 180-181. Text Image PDF F1754

Darwin, C. R. 1871. Pangenesis. Nature 3 (27 April): 502-503. Text Image PDF F1751

Darwin, C. R. 1872. [Memorial to Gladstone] Mr. Ayrton and Dr. Hooker. Nature 6 (11 July): 211-216. Text Image PDF F1937

Darwin, C. R. 1872. Bree on Darwinism. Nature 6 (8 Aug.): 279. Text Image PDF F1756

Darwin, C. R. 1873. Inherited instinct. Nature 7 (13 Feb.): 281. Text Image PDF F1757

Darwin, C. R. 1873. Perception in the lower animals. Nature 7 (13 March): 360. Text Image PDF F1759

Darwin, C. R. Origin of certain instincts. Nature 7 (3 April): 417-418. Text Image PDF F1760

Darwin, C. R. 1876. Cherry blossoms. Nature 14 (11 May): 28. Text Image PDF F1772

Darwin, C. R. 1876. Sexual selection in relation to monkeys. Nature 15 (2 Nov.): 18-19. Text Image PDF F1773

Darwin, C. R. 1877. [Memorial] Zoology of the ‘Challenger’ Expedition. Nature 16 (14 June): 118. Text Image PDFF2003

Darwin, C. R. 1877. The contractile filaments of the teasel. Nature 16 (23 Aug.): 339. Text Image PDF F1778

Darwin, C. R. 1877. [Letter of thanks.] In Harting, P., Testimonial to Mr. DarwinEvolution in the Netherlands.Nature 15 (8 March): 410-412. Text Image PDF F1776

Darwin, C. R. 1879. [Extract from a letter to Grant Allen]. In Allen, G., Colour in nature. Nature 19 (24 April): 581. Text Image PDF F2004

Darwin, C. R. 1879. Fritz Müller on a frog having eggs on its back – on the abortion of the hairs on the legs of certain caddis-flies, &c. Nature 19 (20 March): 462-463. Text Image PDF F1784

Darwin, C. R. 1879. Rats and water-casks. Nature 19 (27 March): 481. Text Image PDF F1785

Darwin, C. R. 1880. Black sheep. Nature 23 (30 Dec.): 193. Text Image PDF F1790

Darwin, C. R. 1880. The sexual colours of certain butterflies. Nature 21 (8 Jan.): 237. Text Image PDF F1787

Darwin, C. R. 1881. [Letter to Mrs. Emily Talbot on the mental and bodily development of infants]. Nature 24 (13 October): 565. Text Image PDFF1797

Darwin, C. R. 1880. Fertility of hybrids from the common and Chinese goose. Nature 21 (1 Jan.): 207. Text Image PDF F1786

Darwin, C. R. 1880. The Omori shell mounds. Nature 21 (15 April): 561. Text Image PDF F1788

Darwin, C. R. 1880. Sir Wyville Thomson and natural selection. Nature 23 (11 Nov.): 32. Text Image PDF F1789

Darwin, C. R. The movements of leaves. Nature 23 (28 April): 603-604. Text Image PDF F1794

Darwin, C. R. 1881. Inheritance. Nature 24 (21 July): 257. Text Image PDF F1795

Darwin, C. R. 1881. The parasitic habits of Molothrus. Nature 25 (17 Nov.): 51-52. Text Image PDF F1798

Darwin, C. R. 1881. Movements of plants. Nature 23 (3 March): 409. Text Image PDF F1791

Darwin, C. R. 1881. Leaves injured at night by free radiation. Nature 24 (15 Sept.): 459. Text Image PDF F1796

Darwin, C. R. 1882. On the dispersal of freshwater bivalves. Nature 25 (6 April): 529-530. Text Image PDF F1802

Darwin, C. R. 1882. The action of carbonate of ammonia on chlorophyll-bodies. [Read 6 March] Journal of the Linnean Society of London (Botany)19: 262-284. Text Image PDF F1801

2011, 04.01

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: S. Cruz. (4-5.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.131-150

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: S. Cruz / Transportal of Gravel. Text & image CUL-DAR34.151-152

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Port Famine. (6.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.153-156

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: E. Coast of T. del Fuego. (5.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.157-176

Darwin, C. R. Sulivans outside deep soundings. Text & image CUL-DAR41.53-56

Darwin, C. R. [Hobart Town field notes]. (2.1836) Text & image CUL-DAR40.97-99

Darwin, C. R. [Hobart Town field notes]. (2.1836) Text & image CUL-DAR40.100-101

2011, 03.25

The complete text of one of the most influential books Darwin ever read, Humboldt’s Personal narrative, with a new Introduction by Gordon Chancellor:

Humboldt, A. von. 1819-1829. Personal narrative of travels to the equinoctial regions of the New Continent, during the years 1799-1804. By Alexander de Humboldt, and Aimé Bonpland; with maps, plans, &c. written in French by Alexander de Humboldt, and trans. into English by Helen Maria Williams. 7 vols. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown.
Vols. 1&2 Text Vol. 3 Text Vol. 4 Text Vol. 5 I Text, Vol. 5 II Text, Vol. 6 I Text, Vol. 6 II Text Vol. 7 Text

Introduction by Gordon Chancellor

Also some of Darwin’s reading notes on Humboldt published for the first time:

Darwin, C. R. [Humboldt] Personal narrative vol 6. Text & image CUL-DAR40.84

Darwin, C. R. [Humboldt] `Superposition’. Text & image CUL-DAR41.73

Darwin, C. R. Humboldt Personal narrative VII: 52. Text & image CUL-DAR42.100

Darwin, C. R. Humboldt Personal narrative VI: 586, 25; Notebook RN pp 84, 105, 124. Text & image CUL-DAR42.117v

Darwin, C. R. Humboldt Personal narrative IV: 384. Text & image CUL-DAR42.162

Darwin, C. R. and Emma Darwin. Humboldt Personal narrative IV: 515-522, 416. Text & image CUL-DAR85.A72

Darwin, C. R. Humboldt Personal narrative vol. 4: 527. Text & image CUL-DAR189.130

2011, 03.24

Darwin, C. R. [Coquimbo notes]. (5.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR39.152

Darwin, C. R. In every case first inclination (blue water) to about 20-30 fathoms. Text & image CUL-DAR41.51

Darwin, C. R. Mr Sulivan. than in some the narrow channels between the smaller islands. Text & image CUL-DAR41.52

Atkins, Hedley. 1976. Down: the home of the Darwins; the story of a house and the people who lived there. London: Royal College of Surgeons [Phillimore]. Text A668

Wyhe, John van. 2009. Darwin vs God. BBC History Magazine 10, No. 1 (January): 26-31. Text PDF A669

2011, 03.14-16

Porter, Duncan M. 1999. Charles Darwin’s Chilean plant collections. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 72: 181-200. Text F2214Courtesy of the Sociedad de Biología de Chile.

Darwin, C. R. On the Banda Oriental side near to the dos Hermanas. (nd) Text & image CUL-DAR42.140

Darwin, C. R. Limestone with lead ore: Maldonado. (nd) Text & image CUL-DAR42.141

2011, 03.11

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Santa Cruz. (4.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.122-124

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Port Famine. (2.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.125-128

Darwin, C. R. (details of soundings taken). (5.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.118-119

Darwin, C. R. [Santa Cruz calculations]. [4-5.1834] Text & image CUL-DAR34.120-121

2011, 03.10

Darwin, C. R. 1873. Mr. Darwin on primroses, cowslips, and oxlips. Garden, an illustrated weekly journal of gardening in all its branches 3 (31 May): 416-417. [Extracts from F1744] Image A660

[Robinson, W.] 1874. Darwinism again. Garden, an illustrated weekly journal of gardening in all its branches 6 (15 August): 163. ImageA661

Anon. 1875. [Notice of publication of Insectivorous plants and Climbing Plants.] Garden, an illustrated weekly journal of gardening in all its branches 7 (23 January): 62. Text Image A663

A. M. 1875. [Review of] Insectivorous plants. Garden, an illustrated weekly journal of gardening in all its branches 8 (24 July): 63-65.Image A664

Darwin, C. R. 1875. Movements of climbing plants. Garden, an illustrated weekly journal of gardening in all its branches 8 (18 December): 532-533. [Extracts from F836]. Image A665

[Robinson, W.] 1876. Charles Darwin. Garden, an illustrated weekly journal of gardening in all its branches 8 (Supplement, 1 January): xi-xii, plate [frontispiece portrait]. Text Image A662

Darwin, C. R. 1876. Mr. Darwin on the strawberry [extracts from Variation]. Garden, an illustrated weekly journal of gardening in all its branches 10 (29 July): 115-116. Image A666

Fish, D. T. 1882. [Obituary] Charles Darwin. Garden, an illustrated weekly journal of gardening in all its branches 21 (29 April): 302.Text Image A667

2011, 03.09

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Valley of S Cruz. (4.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.104-111

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Attempt to find general inclination of the bottom of the sea off the coast of Patagonia. Text & imageCUL-DAR34.112

Darwin, C. R. [list of specimens collected, numbered 1948-1997]. [4-5.1834] Text & image CUL-DAR34.113-114

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Hypothesis / S Cruz. [4-5.1834] Text & image CUL-DAR34.115-117

2011, 03.08

Carlyle, Thomas. 1853. [Recollection of Darwin] Letter to John A. Carlyle, 10 March 1853. In Carlyle, A. ed. 1904. New letters of Thomas Carlyle. 2 vols. London: John Lane, vol. 2: 145-46. Text A651

Green, John Richard. 1860. [Recollection of Darwin] Letter to W. Boyd Dawkins, 3 July 1860. In Stephen, L. ed. 1901. Letters of John Richard Green. London: Macmillan, pp. 43-45. Text A653

Macauley, Thomas Babington. 1856. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Trevelyan, G. O. ed. 1876. The life and letters of Lord Macaulay, 2 vols. London: Longmans, Green, vol. 2, pp. 403-4. Text A652

Galton, Francis. [1859-1882]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Galton, F. 1909. Memories of my life. New York: Dutton, pp. 287-88, 169. TextA656

Tegetmeier, William Bernhard. [1855]. [Recollections of Darwin]. In Richardson, E. W. 1916. A veteran naturalist, being the life and work of W.B. Tegetmeier. London: Witherby, pp. 101-2, 111-12. Text A658

James, Henry. [1869]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Dupee, F. W. ed. 1956. Autobiography: A small boy and others, notes of a son and brother, the middle years. New York: Criterion Books, p. 515. Text A659

2011, 03.07

Darwin, C. R. 1882. The various contrivances by which orchids are fertilised by insects. 2d ed., revised. 3d thousand. London: John Murray. Text F803

2011, 03.04

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Falkland Islands. [3.1833] Text & image CUL-DAR34.65-73

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Re-examination of the transition fully confirms very thing I then said. Text & image CUL-DAR34.74-75

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Observations on the bottom of the sea between the Falkland Islands & St. Cruz. (4.1834-1.1835) Text & image CUL-DAR34.87-92

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Barometrical Obser: for measurement of Valley of St. Cruz. (4-5.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.93-98

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Valley of S Cruz. (4.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.99

Owen, Richard. 1849. On parthenogenesis, or the successive production of procreating individuals from a single ovum. London: John Van Voorst. Text A649

2011, 03.01-03

Darwin, C. R. ‘Osborn `Quedah’ p. 199′ [8.1859] Text & image CUL-DAR195.1.38

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Elevations of Patagonia. (5.1834) Text & image CUL-DAR34.40-60

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Elevations on coast of Patagonia. Text & image CUL-DAR34.61-64

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Recalculation of Port Desire plains. [1.1834] Text & image CUL-DAR34.35-35a

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: [geological specimens 1625-1692, descriptions]. [nd] Text & image CUL-DAR34.36-39

2011, 02.07-22

Wyhe, John van. 2010. ‘Almighty God! what a wonderful discovery!’: Did Charles Darwin really believe life came from space?Endeavour 34, no. 3, (September): 95-103. Text A690

[Titheridge, Philip]. 1981. The Charles Darwin memorial at Down House, Downe, Kent. Text A691

Darwin, C. R. [Notes on Wallace’s Island life]. [11.1880] Text & image NHM-WP6.4.1 Courtesy of the Natural History Museum (London).
Introduction by John van Wyhe
This document contains a previously unpublished remark on Darwin’s feelings about the Galapagos Islands near the end of his life.

Darwin, C. R. 1839. Journal of researches into the geology and natural history of the various countries visited by H.M.S. Beagle. London: Henry Colburn. Image PDF F11
Courtesy of The National Library of Norway.

Darwin, C. R. 1884. The different forms of flowers on plants of the same species. 3d thousand. Preface by Francis Darwin. London: John Murray. Text F1281

Four publications in Spanish by Cuban writer and politician José Martí (1853-1895) edited by Luis Ernesto Martínez González:

Marti, José. 1881. [Report of Darwin on ants]. La Opinión Nacional Caracas (21 December): 1. Text A648

Marti, José. 1882. [English newspapers on Darwin’s Earthworms]. La Opinión Nacional Caracas (2 January): 1. Text A647

Marti, José. 1882. [Obituary of Darwin] Darwin ha muerto. La Opinión Nacional Caracas (17 May): 1. Text Image A645

Marti, José. 1882. [The Saturday Review on Darwin’s life]. La Opinión Nacional Caracas (2 June): 3. Text A646

2011, 01.06-26

Darwin, C. R. Down House notebook 1.1Text EH1.1 [English Heritage 88202321]

Rookmaaker, Kees. 2009. Chronological register. In G. Chancellor and J. van Wyhe eds. with K. Rookmaaker. Charles Darwin’s notebooks from the voyage of the Beagle. Cambridge: University Press, pp. 570-582. Text

Anon. 1836-7. [Reports of Darwin’s communications read to the Cambridge Philosophical Society 1835-7]. The London and Edinburgh philosophical magazine and journal of science 8, no. 43 (January 1836): 79, 80; 10, no. 61 (April 1837): 316. Text A644

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Rio Negro. (1833) Text & image CUL-DAR34.17-24

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Salinas. (1833) Text & image CUL-DAR34.25-26

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Salitrales (1833) Text & image CUL-DAR34.27-28

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Port Desire. Text & image CUL-DAR34.29-34

Hughes, C. L. ‘Memoranda for Mr C. Darwin’. (11.1832) Text & image CUL-DAR34.14-15

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Good Success Bay. (12.1832) Text & image CUL-DAR34.16

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: ‘Scattered facts communicated to me by different people’. (11.1832) Text & image CUL-DAR34.12-13

Darwin, C. R. 1970. [Recollection of and letters to de Vries]. In Peter W. van der Pas. The correspondence of Hugo de Vries and Charles Darwin. Janus 57: 173-213. Text F2106

Darwin, C. R. [Correspondence with Romanes, 1875-1881]. In Romanes ed., 1908. The life and letters of George John Romanes. 6th impression. London: Longmans. Text F2111

Barlow, Nora. 1935. Charles Darwin and the Galapagos Islands. Nature 136 (7 September): 391. Text F2112

Lankester, E. R. 1896. [Recollections of Darwin]. In ‘Charles Robert Darwin’. In C. D. Warner ed. Library of the world’s best literature ancient and modern. New York: R. S. Peale & J. A. Hill, vol. 2, pp. 4835-4393. Text F2113

Krause, Ernst. 1881. Unconscious Memory—Mr. Samuel Butler. Nature 23 (27 January): 288. Text A629

Anon. 1868. A new work by Mr. Darwin [Descent of man]. The Academy 1 (9 October): 15-16. Text A633


A previously unpublished manuscript log of HMS Beagle courtesty of the Museo Naval de la Nación, Argentina and Henry von Wartenberg:

Forsyth, Charles. 1833-6. ‘A log of the Proceedings of H. M. Surveying Sloop Beagle.’ Image PDF Tigre 
Introduction by Simon Keynes

Two scholarly articles reproduced with the permission of the California Academy of Sciences:

Ghiselin, Michael T. 2009. Darwin: A reader’s guide. Occasional Papers of the California Academy of Sciences (155 [12 February]), 185 pp, 3 figs. Text PDF A622

Hodge, Jonathan. 2009. Darwin, the Galapagos and his changing thoughts about species origins: 1835-1837. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences Ser. 4, vol. 61, Supplement II, No. 7, pp. 89-106. Text PDF A623

Darwin manuscripts transcribed and published here for the first time:

Darwin, C. R. ‘Vol I p. 291 Again Mr Jenner Weir informs me that a peacock at Blackheath’. [1868]. Text & image CUL-DAR195.1.20

Darwin, C. R. ‘Mr Cuming thinks that a species variable in one place’ (1845). Text & image CUL-DAR205.10.63

Darwin, C. R. ‘I have been watching black Aphis on Dock tended by reddish Myrmica’ (6.1858) Text & image CUL-DAR205.11.89

Darwin, C. R. ‘I believe in single creations because (1) as a general rule species have’ (11.1855) Text & image CUL-DAR205.3.174

Darwin, C. R. ‘There is such disputes about affinity…definition of species’ (2.1841) Text & image CUL-DAR205.5.40

Fox, William Darwin. ‘3 crows to a nest’ (5.1868) Text & image CUL-DAR84.1.119

Darwin, C. R. ‘Forbes has thought about variability, being effect of conditions’ (12.1844) Text & image CUL-DAR45.58

Darwin, C. R. ‘Prof. Forbes says he thinks that all Gasteropods pass through state of almost of Ascidian molluscans’ (3.1844) Text & image CUL-DAR205.9.185-187

Darwin, C. R. ‘The Geranium phaeum’ (6.1842) Text & image CUL-DAR205.5.53-54

Darwin, C. R. ‘Falconer speaks of some fossil quite intermediate between Mastodon & Elephant’ (6.1844) Text & image CUL-DAR205.9.188

Darwin, C. R. ‘Talking with Bunbury & Lonsdale’ (2.1842) Text & image CUL-DAR205.9.146

Darwin, C. R. ‘Aberrant groups’ (4.1843) Text & image CUL-DAR205.5.60

Darwin, C. R. ‘Considering the endless generations of organisms during almost infinite ages’ (6.1840) Text & image CUL-DAR205.5.30

Darwin, C. R. ‘Falconer showed me beautiful series of elephant & Mastodon’ (6.1845) Text & image CUL-DAR205.5.114

Darwin, C. R. ‘Forbes thinks law, that where genus arises, there it will die’ (nd) Text & image CUL-DAR205.5.103

Darwin, C. R. ‘Scale for Bees’ cells’ (nd) Text & image CUL-DAR48.B10

Darwin, C. R. ‘Depth of rhomb 18/200 = 9/100’ (nd) Text & image CUL-DAR48.B11

Darwin, C. R. ‘Cell from opposite angle to angle’ (nd) Text & image CUL-DAR48.B15-B17

Newly recorded recollections and words of Darwin in print:

Darwin, C. R. 1889. [Extracts from notes on variation under nature]. In A. R. Wallace. 1889. Darwinism: an exposition of the theory of natural selection with some of its applications. London: Macmillan, pp. 46, 69, 79-89. Text F2105

Timiriazev, Kliment. [1877]. A visit to Darwin at Down. From: Historical note K. A. Timiriazev: A visit to Darwin, with notes by Leon Bell. Archipelago 9 (2006): 47-58. Text F2093

Macdonell, Anne. [1833]. [Recollection of Darwin in Buenos Ayres]. In Macdonell. 1913. Reminiscences of diplomatic life. London: Adam & Charles Black, pp. 27-29. Text F2097

Clemens, Samuel. [Mark Twain]. [1876]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Books, authors and hats. Address at the Pilgrims’ Club Luncheon, Savoy Hotel, London, June 25, 1907. In Howell ed. 1907. Mark Twain speeches. New York and London: Harper Brothers, pp. 33-35. Text F2102

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. [1868]. [Recollection of Darwin]. Agassiz, Elizabeth Cary ed. 1885. Louis Agassiz: his life and correspondence. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Co, vol. 2: 666. Text F2088

Butler, Samuel. [1872-1882]. [Recollections of Darwin]. In Breuer, Hans-Peter ed. 1984. The note-books of Samuel Butler. Volume 1 (1874-1883). Boston: University Press of America, pp. 122-3, 129-31, 168, 204, 237. Text F2103

More, Alexander Goodman. [1860]. [Letters from Darwin]. In Moffat, C. B. ed. 1898. Life and letters of Alexander Goodman More with selections from his zoological and botanical writings. Dublin: Hodges, Figgis, pp. 153-54. Text F2089

Dohrn, Anton. [1870]. [Recollection of a visit to Darwin] “Memories,” autobiographical notes, 1895-1909. In Gröben, C. ed. 1982.Charles Darwin and Anton Dohrn, Correspondence. Naples: Macchiaroli, pp. 93-94. Text F2090

Youmans, Edward Livingston. [1871]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In: Fiske, J. 1894. Edward Livingston Youmans: interpreter of science for the people. New York: Appleton, p. 276. Text F2091

Morely, John. [1877]. [Recollection of Darwin on Gladstone]. In Morely. 1911. The life of William Ewart Gladstone, new ed., 2 vols. New York: Macmillan, vol. 2, p. 562. Text F2092

Richter, Hans. [1881]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Fifield, C. 1993. True artist and true friend: a biography of Hans Richter. Oxford: Clarendon, p. 158. Text F2094

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Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. [1872-8]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Higginson. 1900. Cheerful yesterdays. Cambridge, MA: Riverside Press, pp. 283-86. Text F2096

Conway, Moncure Daniel. [1867]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Conway. 1905. Autobiography: memories and experiences. 2 vols. London: Cassell and Co, vol. 2, pp. 324-7. Text F2098

Cobbe, Frances Power. 1894. [Recollection and letters of Darwin]. In Cobbe. 1894. Life of Frances Power Cobbe. By herself. London: Richard Bentley & Son, vol. 2, pp. 123-129. Text F2099

Geddes, Patrick. [1877-1878]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Thompson, A. J. and Geddes, P. 1931. Life: Outlines of general biology. 2 vols. New York: Harper & Brothers, vol. 2, pp. 1454-55. Text F2100

Farrar, Frederic William. [1871]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Farrar, R. 1904. The life of Frederic William Farrar. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, pp. 108-9,109-10. Text F2101

Riley, Charles Valentine. 1882. [Recollection and letters of Darwin]. In Riley. 1882. Darwin’s Work in Entomology. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington DC 1: 77-80. Text F2104

Neville, Dorothy. [1875-1881]. [Recollection and letter of Darwin]. In Neville, Ralph ed. 1919. The life and letters of Lady Dorothy Nevill. London: Methuen, pp. 56-58. Text F2109

Gray, Asa. [1839, 1867-8]. [Letter and recollections of Darwin]. In Gray, Jane Loring ed. 1894. Letters of Asa Gray. 2 vols. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, vol. 1: 117; vol. 2: 557, 565. Text F2110

Ramsay, Andrew Crombie. [1848]. [Recollections of Darwin]. In: Geikie, Archibald. 1895. Memoir of Sir Andrew Crombie Ramsay. London: Macmillan, pp. 123, 130, 276-77. Text A624

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Wright, Chauncey. [1872]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Thayer, James Bradley. 1878. Letters of Chauncey Wright, with some account of his life. Cambridge [Mass.]: John Wilson & Son, pp. 246-9. Text A635

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Claus, Carl. [1871]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Claus. 1899. Autobiographie. Marburg: Elwert, p. 17. Text A637

Smalley, George Washburn. 1891. [Recollection of Darwin’s funeral]. In Smalley. London letters and some others. 2 vols. New York: Harper & Brothers, vol. 1, pp. 70-71. Text A632

Gulick, John T. [1872]. [Recollection of Darwin] In Gulick. 1908. Isolation and selection in the evolution of species. The need of clear definitions. The American Naturalist vol. 42, no. 493 (January): 48-57. Text A643

Wallace, A. R. 1905. My life: A record of events and opinions(newly transcribed)
Vol. 1 Text A237.1
Vol. 2 Text A237.2

2010, 11.25

Darwin Online Facebook page established.

2010, 11.11-12

Darwin, C. R. 1895. [Letter to Josef Wolf and recollections of Darwin] In A. H. Palmer, The Life of Joseph Wolf: Animal Painter.London: Longmans, pp. 192-8. Text F2087

Darwin, C. R. ‘There is such disputes about…definition of species’ (2.1841) Text & image CUL-DAR205.5.40

Darwin, C. R. ‘Talking with Mr. Strickland = I confess that my theory must necessarily be given up’ (4.1842) Text & image CUL-DAR205.9.149

Darwin, C. R. ‘a sketch of the principal events in my life’. (1866-1875). Text & imageText & imageText & imageText & imageDAR91.102-113

Darwin, C. R. ‘We do not blush when we give an abject beggar’ (1.1839) Text & image CUL-DAR195.1.1

Darwin, C. R. ‘Paget says he has been observing Blushing’ (3.1868) Text & image CUL-DAR195.1.2

Darwin, C. R. ‘bull-dogs’ (1.1871) Text & image CUL-DAR195.1.3

Darwin, C. R. ‘Huxley thinks attention to sensation due to sensorium’ (12.1871) Text & image CUL-DAR195.1.4

Darwin, C. R. [blushing in Shakespeare] (nd) Text & image CUL-DAR195.1.15

Darwin, C. R. ‘Young children do not blush’ (nd) Text & image CUL-DAR195.1.17

Darwin, C. R. [Brown-Séquard on the transmitted effect of an operation] (nd) Text & image CUL-DAR195.1.19

2010, 10.26

Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: Pampas. (1833) Text & image CUL-DAR33.249-278

Litchfield, H. E. ed. 1904. Emma Darwin, wife of Charles Darwin. A century of family letters. Cambridge: University Press printed.Click to see illustrations
Volume 1 Text F1552.1
Volume 2 
Text F1552.2

Brace, Charles Loring. 1872. [Recollections and letter of Darwin]. In Brace, Emma ed. 1894. The Life of Charles Loring Brace. New York: Scribner’s, pp. 319-22; 376-7. Text F2086

Allingham, William. [recollection of Darwin] In H. Allingham and D. Radford eds. 1907. William Allingham A Diary. London: Macmillan, pp. 184-85. Text A618

Balfour, Arthur James. [c. 1870]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Balfour. 1930. Chapters of Autobiography. London: Cassell, pp. 37-38.Text A619

Butler, Thomas. [recollections of Darwin]. In Silver, Arnold ed. 1962. The Family Letters of Samuel Butler, 1841-1886. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, p. 209. Text A620

Butler, Samuel. 1917. [recollection of Darwin]. In Jones, Henry Festing ed. The Note-Books of Samuel Butler. New York: Dutton, p. 161. Text A621


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