Darwin gift from my mom

Today I received this in the mail from my mother, which she found in an antique shop. Despite the water damage, it’s in readable condition.

Darwin as a Naturalist

Carroll Lane Fenton, Darwin as a Naturalist [Little Blue Book No. 567] (Girard, KA: Haldeman-Julius Company, 1924), 64 pages.

Fenton also authored other Little Blue Books about animals, biology, evolution, geology, life of the past, and Ersnt Haeckel. This pdf gives a list of the entire series.

Thanks, Mom!

3 thoughts on “Darwin gift from my mom

  1. What an excellent Mum (sorry Mom!) you have got. A couple of year’s ago while on her holidays my Mum found a book about Emma Darwin and purchased it for my Darwin collection. It is good to know that there are Moms/Mums out there who understand their bookish children!

  2. Mom – just keep an eye out for a first edition On the Origin of Species (1859)

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