Calamities of Nature: Don’t Want to Believe

The Calamities of Nature strip for July 20th:

7 thoughts on “Calamities of Nature: Don’t Want to Believe

  1. Says a friend: “Jeremy can be dismissed because he is epistemologically ignorant.” I agree.

  2. Show me some fossils halfway between a man and an ape like descendant that do not contain fragments from various, currently living, creatures OR mostly missing skeletons of a man with a bone marrow deficiency and I will begin to listen to the “beliefs” of the cult of evolution.

  3. You know the weird thing, over here in Briton it tends to be ‘Well we were tought evalution as a fact in school, not as a theory, but it clashes with our Christian beleifs. Isnt that funny? Oh well, well survive*gets on with life*’
    Ive simply never heard of it being an issue at all o.o
    The fact that old friends have turned their backs on you because of your beliefs on evalution is just mind blowing.

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