NCSE bumper sticker contest!

Via the NCSE:

Announcing NCSE’s Bumper Sticker Contest!

Our classic bumper stickers…

“Evolutionists do it with increasing complexity”

“Honk! If you understand punctuated equilibria”

Honk Honk!

…will remain in the lineup. But it’s time to bring some new players onto the field.

This is your chance to speak loud, speak proud for evolution, by crafting a killer slogan that could end up on the tail end of thousands of cars. The aim of this mobile message: to spread the good word about evolution and evolution education. Your bumper sticker can be funny, profound, fierce—whatever, as long as it’s good.

Send your entries to


– Be original. Run a Google search and make sure your slogan hasn’t been used or overused.

– Size constraints. Your basic bumper sticker is about 2.75″ high and about 15″ wide. That’s enough room for up to two lines of text, approximately 22 characters across (including spaces) per line. Remember: shorter is better.

– Submit as many bumper sticker slogans as you like. Winning slogans become the property of NCSE for all time. By emailing your entry to, you warrant that the slogan is your own work, to which you own the copyright, except for any phrases that fall within the scope of fair use, the public domain, or a Creative Commons license.
– Entries must include your full name and postal address.

– Winners will receive one of these prizes: 1) a bumper fun variety pack of evolution books, 2) NCSE’s famed “ooze” T-shirt, 3) a Darwin bobblehead, 4) the 2009 UK Charles Darwin £2 Brilliant Uncirculated 200th Anniversary Coin, 5) a copy of Greta Schiller’s new documentary, “No Dinosaurs in Heaven”, OR 6) an 11×16″ Darwin poster suitable for framing.

– Submissions will be accepted between July 5, 2011 and September 5, 2011

My entry, which is unlikely to win:

Struggle for Existence


5 thoughts on “NCSE bumper sticker contest!

  1. How about a creation/ID Bumper Sticker Contest?







    or my favourite:

    Evolution: The Creation Myth of Our Culture
    by David Buckna [June 26, 2011]

  2. hey david, how about: being to stupid to understand it, doesn’t change the fact that evolution is true.

  3. too harsh christopher, how about: “The neat thing about evolution is that it’s the best explanation we have to explain life on earth, whether or not you wish it to be true.”

  4. I love how you supposedly don’t believe in God, yet you go so far as to make something Science related anti-religion. There is no beliefs expressed, there is no religion even discussed in these things, yet Atheists like you want to bring religion into it. It really sounds more like you’re denying God’s existence, making fun of those who do believe in God, not just living without it like an Atheist should. Bashing on religion for no clear reason other than you find it ridiculous? It takes up many people’s lives, if your son was to announce himself a Christian when he turns 16 or so, are you going to make fun of him, just as you do everyone else?
    What I don’t really get is that Atheists can tear religious people’s beliefs up, yet the second a religious person bites back, the Atheists make a fuss out of how religious people are so terrible and how religion is the root of wars, etc. It’s pathetic, if you’re Atheist, good for you, everyone should respect that, and you agree with that. But has it ever crossed your mind that other people have rights that deserve respect, just as much as you do?
    The Pledge of Allegiance actually says, “One nation, under God”. In that, there should be creationism in school, it’s literally living up to the Pledge of the country! If you have a problem with it, home school him or keep your mouth shut. This may be a free country, but freedom doesn’t mean equality, it means you can live the way you wish to live, and that does not mean harassing people for having different beliefs.

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