Evolution & creationism news

Courtesy of the NCSE:

A veritable bouquet of evolution vs. creationism news:

* High school senior vs. Louisiana Science Education Act? You bet. “State of Belief” radio interviews Zack Kopplin plus NCSE’s Barbara Forrest. http://www.stateofbelief.com/show-archive/273-february-12-2011

* Six and counting: Tennessee introduces the latest anti-evolution bill in 2011. http://ncse.com/news/2011/02/antievolution-legislation-tennessee-006485

* The Freshwater case continues: John Freshwater is now challenging the Mount Vernon City Schools Board of Education’s decision to terminate his employment as a middle school science teacher.

* Creationist textbook publisher withdraws from Texas supplement battle. http://ncse.com/news/2011/02/dodging-bullet-texas-006484

* Sneak peek: New college biology text “Principles of Life”.  Exclusive excerpt on evolution! http://ncse.com/files/pub/evolution/Excerpt–Principlesoflifeb.pdf

1 thought on “Evolution & creationism news

  1. The Creationists will never succeed in getting religion taught in a science class (legally), but they have succeeded in stunting the growth of education regarding evolution, simply because the FEAR of religious intrusion wards off open and warranted critique of a 150 year old, fatally flawed theory.
    Evidence for evolution is overwhelming and it will always be taught in school, but random accident as a supposed cause of evolution, the origin of life and all of life’s functional activities is under well-deserved attack from free-thinking scientists and all mathematicians who have studied evolution.
    This isn’t about religion. It is about the scientific method, the unfettered expression of ideas and expanding our knowledge of life science. Through fear-mongering and closed-minded intransigence, the NCSE hinders understanding of evolution and the causes of life. Academia is under attack by scientists, not the clergy who generally accept evolution.
    We need to start finding answers beyond Darwin’s Luck Theory and his useless illogic that we live because we didn’t die (the “selection” fallacy). The NCSE obstructs advancement in Life Science education.

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