Another eBay item

UPDATE (3/23/11): George Beccaloni found online an image of this card with names included (and I like how what looks like a monkey at the top right is closest to Darwin):


This Victorian cabinet card was offered recently on eBay. The seller knew that Charles Darwin was one of the figures, but who are the others?

Top row: ???, ???, Charles Darwin
Bottom row: ???, Herbert Spencer, ???

14 thoughts on “Another eBay item

  1. Top row: Old White dude, Slightly Younger White Dude, Charles Darwin Bottom row: Youngish White Guy, Herbert Spencer, Mutton Chopped White Cat.

  2. Great game. Not easy. Maybe back left Spencer, back right Huxley, front right Hooker. Presumably remainder other X-Club. Be good to put this to bed properly.

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