CFI does Darwin Day in Portland

Chuck and Darwinsbulldog, courtesy David Orr (

There will be a party on the evening of February 12th to honor CFI Portland‘s volunteers:

In our January newsletter, I outlined many of the things that CFI can be proud of. The people who make this success possible are our volunteers, and it is time we threw them a party to say thank you.

So the whole community is invited to join us at Ringler’s pub to meet the people who are creating all those programs. Our volunteers will receive a small ticket for food and/or beverage consumption, and be acknolwedged by our MCs. We’re working on some Darwin Day entertainment, as well.

I’ve also just been informed that CFI and the Humanists of Greater Portland will be present at Pioneer Square in downtown from about 11-2 with a Darwin look-a-like, handing out birthday cake. Ugh, I work then, maybe I can swap a shift with someone.

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