Science Online 2011

One week from now I’ll be in North Carolina for Science Online 2011. For the last couple of years I haven’t been able to go, so I am excited that now I can. I’ll be participating in a session about the history of science:

Making the history of science work for you

Michael Barton, Greg Gbur, Eric Michael Johnson, Randi Hutter Epstein & Holly Tucker (Presenter bios)

Most scientists know just enough history of science to share a story or two about the quirky characters and events that shaped their scientific field. However, history can do so much more for scientists to help them as bloggers, as researchers and even as citizens. In this session we will have a discussion of the ways in which using the history of science can help you connect to your readers, combat misinformation (such as quote-mining) on the web, and find common-ground between the sciences and humanities. (We’ll also share some of our favorite historical anecdotes along the way.)

I look forward to seeing some familiar faces, but first time to meet in real life…

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