A.R. Wallace, RIP +97


Copyright Michael D. Barton. With permission of the Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London. Thanks to George Beccaloni and Judith Magee for the opportunity to see the Wallace Collection. Do not reproduce this image.

Alfred Russel Wallace died 97 years ago today. George Beccaloni reminds us, and offers for remembrance access to an early biography of Wallace, A Great Hertfordian, here.

4 thoughts on “A.R. Wallace, RIP +97

  1. Are there any good online sources that explain Wallace’s contributions to evolutionary biology? From what I know, Darwin was pushed by him to publish the Origin, and Wallace didn’t like evolution being applied to humans. I know this is too simplistic…

  2. Maybe for interest in regard to Wallace what I read – said it very, very simple: it is accepted that Wallace did enphasize the variations of species, however less the subsequent natural selection mechanism (found then discussed more by Darwin)

    KUTSCHERA (2003): A comparative Analysis of the Darwin-Wallace Papers and the Development of the Concept of Natural Selection

    Click to access Darwin-Wallace%20Comparison.pdf

    Michael Shermer biography of Wallace is highly recomandable, he analysis also Wallace naturalistic science and later spiritualistic approach and deny of human evolution in his second book

    SHERMER, M. (2002): In Darwin’s Shadow: The Life and Science of Alfred Russel Wallace A Biographical Study on the Psychology of History.

    SHERMER The Borderlands of Science Where Sense Meets Nonsense.


    SMITH & BECCALONI (ed) (2008): Selection & Beyond The intellectual Legacy of Alfred Russel Wallace

  3. Thanks, David, for those resources as well. I’ll mention that the two websites I gave are those belonging to SMITH & BECCALONI

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