Portland Humanist Film Festival is this weekend

Here’s a reminder to any readers in Portland or nearby, that this coming weekend is the first annual Portland Humanist Film Festival, organized by the Portland leg of Center for InquiryFreethinkers of PSU, and Humanists of Greater Portland:

The Portland Humanist Film Fest was developed to offer a free, dynamic cultural event to the rapidly growing Humanist movement in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to provide, through the medium of film, an expansive window into many of the aspects of existence, morality, history, science and philosophy that help reflect the Humanist outlook. By selecting a mix of films which cover many topics and represent many genres we hope to not only make the event engaging for those who already consider themselves Humanists, but reach further to those who are curious about Humanism as well.

So we invite you to laugh, think, be challenged and entertained as we present to you a carefully selected treasure of richly diverse and informative cinematic creations.

All films, including two showings of the Darwin biopic Creation on Sunday evening, are free!

I will not be able to see any of the films since I will be in Houston for my sister-in-law’s wedding. Happy viewing!

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