Christine O’Donnell on evolution

1 thought on “Christine O’Donnell on evolution

  1. I don’t support O’Donnell’s viewpoints but she made one point that Darwin supporters (I am one myself) seem to be turning a blind eye to.

    We know for certain (and especially in light of Genome studies) that we humans are primate. O’Donnell said if evolution were true then why do we not presently see primates changing into humans (or something to that effect).

    The answer she received from the host of the show (I should know his name!) was that evolution is such a slow process that we would not see the changes in our lifetime.

    It doesn’t wash though because there should be primates that are, even now, in various stages of change!! But we are ‘not’ seeing that. The answer ‘has’ to be something else.

    Here’s how I read Genesis:

    Adam (direct translation = ruddy/red/soul/brute animal) was an early primate. It came from the ‘dust’ of the ‘ground’ (sysnonyms = dirt, mortar, earth, powder, ‘mud’). The earth was very different then. Gen. 2:4 says, “in the ‘day’ when God created the heavens and the earth” (day = to be hot).

    What’s the difference between what evolution-science teaches (life originated in the ‘hot’ primordial soup/’mud’) and what the Bible says!

    Creationists obviously don’t know their own Bible.

    You might want to read the blog ‘God is an Alien’ (Adam was a primate).

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