Worth reading…

Ecce Homo

La ilustración procede del tomo IV (voz «Primates») de la Enciclopedia de Ciencias Naturales de 4 Tomos que publicó Bruguera en Barcelona en 1967.

East Lothian Courier: ‘Darwin’ property and the science of house-selling

OSQUALITUDE (@jfderry): Lies, lies, lies (about Darwin, Emma Darwin, and the influence of her music)

Darwin and Gender: The Blog: Talking to Naturalists

Time Tree: The Timescale of Life (a new resource, like evogeneao.com)

Whewell’s Ghost (@beckyfh): Good, popular history of science II

I linked to the Danish Darwin Archive a few days ago, and just saw this new article in Annals of Science: Danes commemorating Darwin: apes and evolution at the 1909 anniversary

John Farrell on Huffington Post: Bad Faith (in Science): Darwin as All-Purpose Boogey Man?

Please be patient, I am evolving as fast as I can!: The Discovery Institute’s Continued Persecution of Darwin

Biodiversity Heritage Library: Book of the Week: Darwin for Children

Royal Society

At the Royal Society in London

5 thoughts on “Worth reading…

  1. Interesting thing about that Darwin bust and quote at the Royal Society’s library. There are several other busts, all with attached quotes, but all apart from Darwin’s are speech bubbles rather than thought bubbles. I’m not sure if this reflects the fact that the Darwin quote was unpublished and the others published, or if somehow he’s being presented as more cerebral…

  2. The quote attached to Darwin – “ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge” – is from The Descent of Man, so it is published…

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