Stick Evolution

Bora has shared, via the NCSE, that the winners have been announced for the 2010 Stick Science cartoon contest. Go here for the winners, but check out this one that did not win (Bora’s favorite), addressing a common misconception about evolution:

9 thoughts on “Stick Evolution

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  3. karla: Actually he didn’t forget aunts and uncles.
    The branching lines are the current generation that spawned from the original point on the main family line – meaning aunts and uncles would be between grandparents and cousins.

    In the same way there would be a lot of entries between the points on the evolutionary line – but they were stripped away since they are trivial to the point. 🙂

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  5. Very cute. Since this was not a winner, I will have to go and check out those who did win.

    Thanks for sharing this as I would have missed it completely.

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