BioCollage Webinars

What is BioCollage?

For those of you who are new — BioCollage collaborators are dedicated to supporting the biology education community. In 2010-2011 we will be hosting a webinar series for introductory biology educators. The series will provide a forum to share effective pedagogy and research updates, drawing connections to core concepts, emerging national reports, and precollege curriculum revisions that will impact biology educators.

The founding members of BioCollage are the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT), andUniversity of California Museum of Paleontology (UCMP).

The first of the webinars is Sept. 23rd, with Jay Lebov (from the National Research Council):

Hear about the emerging core concepts, standards, big ideas, and new reports, such as “A New Biology for the 21st Century,” that affect biology education in this introductory webinar. Participate in a discussion about their commonalities and differences and how your teaching may be affected. And learn more about the webinar series taking place throughout the 2010-2011 academic year, how to make the most of your webinar experience, and the collaboration which is bringing these events to you.

View a list of future webinars here.

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