Darwin’s London

This is from 2009:

From London’s influence on the young Charles Darwin to the effect of Darwinian theory on the reshaping of the city, this day of talks will offer an entertaining and enlightening insight into the relationship between man and metropolis. Organised jointly by the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons and the Grant Museum of Zoology.

Recorded on 16 May 2009

  • Introduction: Why Darwin Matters – Professor Steve Jones (University College London)
    Listen to recording
  • What was Darwin doing in London? – Dr John van Wyhe (University of Cambridge)
    Listen to recording
  • Darwin in London – Homes and Haunts – Dr Joe Cain (University College London)
    Listen to recording
  • Darwin’s London – Friends and Foes – Dr Jim Endersby (University of Sussex)
    Listen to recording
  • Mapping social evolution: social Darwinism and London – Professor Greta Jones (University of Ulster)
    Listen to recording

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