Go explore nature…

Worm 2

Go Explore Nature has a list of ways to get kids outside and connected to nature. I’ve added links to ones Patrick & I have done, or close to having done:

1. Fly a kite
2. Go tidepooling
3. Visit a zoo
4. Take a hike
5. Stroll through a garden or arboretum
6. Have a rock skipping contest
7. Pick your own fruit at a local farm
8. Ride bikes at the beach or a nearby nature park
9. Float a homemade boat on a lake or river
10. Visit a marsh
11. Go birdwatching
12. Collect seashells or rocks at the beach
13. Try geocaching or letterboxing
14. Head to an aquarium
15. Tour a farm
16. Explore a natural history museum
17. Go fishing
18. Visit a nature park, state park or national park
19. Try kayaking or canoeing
20. Visit a wildlife sanctuary
21. Go snowshoeing
22. Tour a cave (not w/ Patrick, but before)
23. Search for wildlflowers
24. Explore a community garden
25. Visit a nature center
26. Watch ducks at a pond
27. Enjoy a picnic along the trail, at the beach or under a tree
28. Build a sandcastle
29. Go whale watching (now that
30. Check out the local science center

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