A few found links…

Down House 08/10

Down House 08/10

For Science Friday, Howard Markel, physician, medical educator and historian of medicine at the University of Michigan, explains the origin of the word “evolution” – link

Video: “Tips for Science Writers – Evolution” (w/ Eugenie Scott of the NCSE) – link

Annotated On the Origin of Species from the New York Times – link

BBC News has “Edinburgh: The origin of a man” by Ruth Padel – link

A New York Times blog has “Tracing Darwin’s Path in Tierra del Fuego” – link

“Still Trying to Get Creationism into Science Classes: Five Years After Kitzmiller v. Dover, Discovery Institute Hasn’t Changed its Playbook” by Lauri Lebo – link


Karen James of The HMS Beagle Project gets to go to the Galapagos – lucky her! – link

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